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B and W Patriot 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch Review

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Review of the B and W Patriot 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch

Hey, guys, Connor here at Today, we're gonna be taking a look at and showing you how to install the B&W Patriot Fifth-Wheel Hitch. So if you towed a fifth-wheel trailer before, I'm sure you're familiar with the B&W brand. They are a high-quality hitch manufacturer that offers a lifetime warranty, and they're made right here in USA, therefore you know you're getting a quality, well-made product. So the Patriot is one of my personal favorite fifth-wheel hitches. It has some really great features that help it stand apart from the competition.

One of the things I really like about this fifth-wheel hitch is the jaw design. So we have 3/4-inch thick dual jaws here. Now, essentially, what this does is it allows us to get a very tight grip on our king pin. This is gonna allow our trailer to be held much more securely. We're not gonna have nearly as much bouncing around and rattling, therefore we're gonna get a much smoother and safer ride.

So another great feature about the Patriot is that we have this cam-action handle here that B&W uses in all their fifth-wheel hitches. Now, this cam-action handle is really a great design because unlike most other fifth-wheel hitch manufacturers and hitches, it allows us to uncouple our trailer on unlevel ground. So, normally, if our trailer is a little bit cockeyed in regards to our truck here, it's gonna be super hard to engage the release handle. We're gonna have to drive and find a more level surface so we can unhook. That's not gonna be the case here with the Patriot due to this cam-action handle.

It's gonna make disengaging the handle and allow us for uncoupling our trailer no matter how level the ground is. It's super easy to use as well. We simply pull the pin out, we can release the jaws, and then drive off. So another thing I really like that B&W does with this Patriot here, we're not all able to lift the hitch in and out of the truck bed frequently or in one piece. So we're not gonna have that issue here with the Patriot because the hitch head can actually be removed from the base.

This is really gonna cut down on the amount of weight we have to lift each time to get our hitch in and out of the truck bed. All we do to have to remove the head is we'll simply pull up on the two release handles here, and then we'll just pull it straight out of place just like that. It's super easy. We can just simply set it back into place when we're ready to tow again, and it should automatically lock into place. So lastly, in regards to the head here, we mentioned being able to uncouple on uneven terrain due to the cam-action handle. We're also gonna be able to couple the trailer on uneven terrain 'cause we have this pivoting head here which you can see tilts back and forth. That's gonna allow us to get a nice level surface here no matter what kinda surface a trailer is parked on with the skid plate of our hitch in our king pin. So the Patriot is made entirely of steel. It's also gonna have this nice, great, powder-coated finish which just looks really nice. It's also gonna match the B&W custom installation kit, and that's the kit you chose for. However, it does mount to industry-standard rails so you don't have to use the B&W base rails. You can use any other brand such as Reese or CURT as well. So something that B&W does with the Patriot here that I'm not aware of is gonna be present on any other fifth-wheel hitch, and that's the adjustability of it. So we have quite a few adjustments we can make in regards to the position of this hitch head. We can adjust it so we can increase turning clearance, or we can adjust it so it sits more center with the rear axle for a smoother ride. We can also adjust it up and down in accordance to what the hitch head height setting we need to tow our trailer level. So the particular Patriot we have here is gonna be rated for 18K and it has a fixed base and also some other configurations of this hitch here such as the model rated for 16K. There's also a couple models that are offered with the slider base for short bed trucks as well. So in regards to installation, it's definitely super simple, something you guys can do at home by yourselves. Now, granted, we will have to install base rails in our truck prior to installing the fifth-wheel hitch. We actually have a video of installing these B&W base rails on this particular truck if you'd like to check that out. But once those are in place, everything's pretty much drop in. We're gonna have a pin here securing it on either side, and then we're gonna have a few bolts which secure the head to the pivot arms to the base, but that's pretty much it. So the first step of our installation here, we wanna get our fifth-wheel hitch base in front of us along with our two pivot arms. Now, what these pivot arms do is they essentially allow us to attach the head to the base of our fifth wheel here. So one thing I wanna point out here before we get started is you're gonna see several sets of adjustment holes on the inside of either side of our base here. So the reason we have all of these different adjustment holes here is because this hitch is gonna be super adaptable to our needs. We can install these pivot arms in these adjustment holes here in a number of different ways. Now, there's a nice little diagram in your instructions that really breaks down into detail what each of these positions allow for, but, essentially, we're gonna be able to position the head so that it either sits in the center here, or it gives us a little bit more turning clearance depending on which of these sets of holes we use. We could also adjust the height up and down to make sure our trailer tows level, but, again, this is really best outlined in the diagram in our instructions, so make sure you give that a close look over before we set the pivot arms into position. You may also need to measure your trailer so you know which height set you're gonna be using. Again, obey some instructions in there, how to measure your trailer, so we can get the correct height for our hitch head. So now that we've decided which is the correct position for our pivot arms, we can go ahead and attach them. In order to do this, we're gonna take one of our bolts here. We're actually gonna be passing it through this little oval opening here in the side plate of our hitch. On the other side, we're gonna take a lock washer and then one of our nuts to secure it. Once we get one in place to hold the pivot arms, I found the easiest thing to do is, is to actually set the fifth-wheel hitch up on its side, gives us a little bit more access. Now we're gonna take two 19-millimeter sockets. We're gonna snug it down before we torque it. Now that we have our pivot arms installed, we can go ahead and pick our hitch assembly up and set it into the rails. Now we can secure the base to the rails here using our hitch pins and clips that comes with our kit here. We're gonna take the straight end here. We're gonna feed it to that oblong hole so we can come out on the other side and secure it with our clip. We repeat that process on all four sides. So the next thing we need to do is we need to assemble our leveling kit. We're gonna have the spring here. We're gonna notice one end is gonna be different. We have this outward portion here. That's gonna line up with our clip like so. We'll go ahead and take our bolt, stick it through there, and then we'll have our lock nut which gets secured on the back. We'll go ahead and tighten these down using a 7/16-inch wrench. Now we can go ahead and install our leveling kit here on our pivot arm. So in order to do this, we need to take a quick measurement. From the bottom of the bushing to the top of our spring, we should have about 1/2 inch. Once we have that in the correct position, we can go ahead and hammer it on. Now we can go ahead and install our handle here using the provided hardware, just some carriage bolts with some square holes up top and then two nuts to secure it underneath. We'll go ahead and tighten these up by 7/16-inch socket. So now, before we set our hitch head into position onto the pivot arms, we need to go ahead and lubricate these bushings here with some Lithium Grease. Now we can pick our hitch head up and set it into position. So in summary, the B&W Patriot, it's an excellent fifth-wheel hitch options, again, one of my personal favorites. It's definitely one of the higher-end hitches on the market. I'm sure if you're familiar with B&W, you've heard of this hitch and you know it's a quality, well-made option. And that will do it today for our look and installation of the B&W Patriot Fifth-Wheel Hitch..

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