B and W Turnoverball Underbed Gooseneck Trailer Hitch Review

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Review of the B and W Turnoverball Underbed Gooseneck Trailer Hitch

Ryan: How's it going Ryan here at etrailer.com. Today we're going to be taking a look at the B&W turnoverball underbed gooseneck trailer hitch. Being that this is an underbed kit, all of our main components are going to be located here underneath our truck, which in turn means that we're going to have full bed access here up top. That can be especially useful when we're running around the job site, maybe throwing a few motorcycles in the bed, or even some luggage when we're taking the family on vacation. Now, one of the biggest differences I noticed about this kit compared to some of the other ones is the overall craftsmanship. It's much better, in my opinion.

All the brackets, cross members, just about everything in the kit is really nice and really heavy duty. And everything is going to fit really well too, which in turn makes your whole experience much better. This is one kit I'd personally recommend to my friends and family.The ball is going to be two and five-sixteenths of an inch, and since it's a turnoverball, what that means is when you're not using it you can actually pull it out, flip it over, and actually store it inside of the hitch. That way, you don't have to worry about losing it or have to worry about it rolling around in the back seat of your truck. This can also be easily converted into a fifth-wheel.

You would do that using the B&W companion, which is more or less than an adapter that goes in here. That way, if you got multiple trailers, or say if you have a gooseneck knob, you might plan on using a fifth-wheel in the future, you're going to be able to tow fifth-wheels and goosenecks with just one kit.Now, the hitch is going to have a 30,000 pound maximum gross towing weight. That's going to be the amount of weight pulling on the ball, so that's the weight of your trailer plus anything that you might have on it. It's going to have a 7,500 pound vertical load limit, and that's going to be the amount of weight pushing down on the ball. Now, I do want to point out it's never a bad idea to check with your truck's owner's manual to see what it's rated to pull.

Now, the safety chain hooks here are actually going to be spring loaded. They're going to be really easy to pull up. They're going to give you more than enough room to use just about any size hook that you might have. Now, since they are spring loaded, when you're not using them they're going to sit nice and flush against the bottom of the bed, and they're not going to rattle around and make a whole bunch of noise either.Another advantage I noticed this one has is how easy the handle is to use. When you pull it out, it's going to be really smooth and easy, and then to lock it in that open position, simply just turn it to the left a little and that'll keep it open like that.

Some of the other handles are a little more flimsy and you got to kind of fight with them to try to find that lock position and find that sweet spot. As for this one, you don't even have to think about it. Pull it out, turn it, and you're good. The handle is going to allow you to get the ball ready to use or to flip it over and store it. So, say whenever you are ready to store it, pull that handle, lock it, and you'd hop up in the bed of the truck and flip the ball over. When you're ready to put it in that locked or towing position, turn it over a little bit and let it go back into place.Overall, I personally think that this is probably the best hitch option, as far as your gooseneck hitches go. It's how well built it is, how easy it is to use, and even how easy it is to get installed. Now, being that these trucks have a different style chassis, the gooseneck design is a little bit different than the older style ones. But, having installed many different older style ones, I can tell you right now this one fits much better, is much more straightforward and user friendly. You shouldn't have any problem at all installing it in your garage, or even in your driveway. That'll finish up our look at of the B&W turnoverball underbed gooseneck trailer hitch.

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