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BAK Revolver X2 Hard Tonneau Cover Review

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Review of the BAK Revolver X2 Hard Tonneau Cover

Randy: Hey guys, it's Randy here at again. Today we're taking a look at the Back Industries Revolver X2. This is a, as you can see, a hard style tonneau cover that gives us that classic smooth look. It has flush rails so it doesn't stick up off the side of the vehicle very much. Overall, it offers a lot of security and a lot of protection, which is generally what we're looking for out of an tonneau cover.Either we have sensitive items in there, we don't want them getting wet, we don't want them getting dirty, so we wanna protect them. Or we have expensive items in there.

We could have tools, stiff wheels, things like that. And when using this cover with the locking tailgate, it's one of the most secure lids on the market.Now some additional benefits that we have are the look quality with this. You can see it's a nice, flush design, it doesn't really stick up over our bed rails very high. It's just gonna give us that clean, sleek look but offers a lot of protection. Also as a side effect, we're not gonna have that wind bucketing into the bed of the truck.

That can help reduce wind noise, it can help reduce wind drag. That'll kind of lead us into better fuel economy.Now when in the stored position, something I really like are the straps. These are designed to come around, they clamp in right down here to the rail. And essentially when rolled up, that's gonna keep this from moving forward or back. It's a nice handy feature so we don't have to worry about contact up here, or maybe it heading back towards the bed of the truck.Also if this we're to roll up too far, which in most cases, it actually can't make contact with the truck, we do have some pads here.

Those will make sure that as it makes contact, we don't have any scarring on the cover or on the vehicle. Here you can see the front side of those straps where they come in, just nice, easy to use clips. Squeeze it to remove and press it in to attach it.Now when we compare the Revolver X2 to other tonneau covers that we have available, I like the solid design. We're getting a huge upgrade, having a nice solid panel where nobody can get in or at least cut through something that's very thin and gain access to the bed. But I also like the other advantage it has, and that's at where it stores.

It's gonna store right up on here on top of the bed, so our bed is left completely unobstructed.There are other roll up style tonneau covers that just slide in and out on the track and those are gonna have a box that sticks down in the bed for it to roll up in. In that situation, you're losing some of your bed capacity, so that's definitely something to keep in mind. Other type covers that offer the same style of protection or give us a hard surface will be like a tri folder or a quad fold style cover.You're gonna fold the panel over onto itself, onto itself and then eventually, up against the back of the vehicle. Now basically when you fold that last panel up, it's pretty much gonna obstruct the view out of your rear window. With the roll up cover here and the way it sits, generally it's not gonna be any higher than our headrest on that back seat. So really, we're not gonna lost that much field of view out of that back window.Now another thing that we can appreciate about this cover is that this installs relatively easy on your pickup truck and it requires zero modifications. It's gonna work with beds that are painted just like this one. Spray in bed liners or drop in bed liners. Although on a drop in bedlinen, you might have to make a few cuts here and there to allow our clamps. You can see we're gonna have on short bed applications, six of these. Long bed applications are gonna have eight of these.Those are designed to grab the rail of our cover and our bed rail to keep everything nice and secure. Now, the security aspect we hit on a little bit earlier, what makes it such a nice, secure cover. Not only those really thick, quarter inch aluminum slats, but each of those slats has a locking tab on the end of it. You can see as we roll that up, each one of those tabs is gonna have that black piece that comes off the end.And when we close our cover, you see how that aluminum rail here That goes in and then engages that tab. So what that means, comparing this to a folding style cover, is that we have 100% lock coverage all the way down the side, rather than just having our clips at each of our little intersections. And now also to the protect the outer surface or the surface we're gonna look at when our cover's rolled up. You can see the entire length has been covered with a nice felt. That's gonna help to decrease the possibly of our aluminum transferring over onto our vinyl cover.Another feature I appreciate that we don't always see with other tonneau covers, is that even with it closed, we're still able to close that tailgate so we don't have to open it, close the tailgate and then close it on top. Also with locking tailgates being very, very popular, we've got the solid security of our cover. Once we lock this tailgate, it's gonna make it very hard for somebody to access that bed.Here you can see the latching mechanism. It's gonna be the same on both sides. We've got a release handle right here. You'll notice as we pull that down, it engages that lever. That's the lever that brings in the locks all the way down. And we just simply push it down until we hear the click on both sides. We're ready to shut our tailgate at that point and hit the road.Now when it comes time to release your cover, it can be done from either side. We have a release handle here, and then on the same spot here on the driver's side we're gonna pull that. And then it's just a one person job. We don't have to have one person on each side trying to get everything rolled up properly.It's also an all weather material, so regardless of if you're in a colder climate or a hot climate, you're not gonna have any problem getting this rolled up and then rolled back out. Unlike some of the other covers, when it got cold outside, they we're near impossible to use.So as you can see, there are a lot of benefits to the Revolver X2, but there are tons of tonneau covers out there on the market. I think this one's strengths are increased visibility in the back of the truck so we can see what's behind us and also really maximizes the security that we have in our truck bed.



I just bought a truck that has the revolver x2 cover and I already love it but if you dont mind I have 2 questions about it... 1st question how much if any can the cover itself support or sustain? 2nd question the felt on both sides are falling from the cover,are they imperative to the cover? Thank you

Etrailer Expert

Chris R.


I reached out to my contact at BAK and while she said the Revolver X2 isn't meant to be a load bearing setup, it can handle up to 400 pounds of weight. The felt strips under the cover help to keep those slats from scuffing up the vinyl top as you roll it up. So they're not vital to the cover's integrity/performance, but if you want to keep it looking nice you may want to replace them at some point with part # PARTS-526A0001 .

Gary W.


Thank you so much for responding
Etrailer Expert

Chris R.


No problem at all, that's why we're here!

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