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BAK Revolver X4 Hard Tonneau Cover Review

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Review of the BAK Revolver X4 Hard Tonneau Cover

Speaker 1: Today we're going to be taking a look at the Back Line of the Revolver X4 Hard Roll-Up Tonneau Cover offering aluminum and vinyl construction on a matte black finish.Now here's what your covers going to look like installed. As you can see, it's got a really low profile, really slick appearance to it, so it's not one of those that are going to have the bows or the arches or the thicker pads that come up on top. Not really gonna change the exterior look of your vehicle much at all unless you're looking down into the bed.Now typically these are used to either protect items in the back of the truck or secure 'em. Either you've got tools, a fifth wheel, a goose neck. Now the security aspects gonna come with a locking tailgate. Once your tailgate's locked, you're not gonna be able to access the release handles to roll the cover up.

The protection aspect comes from the fully sealed cover, along the back, down the sides and in the front. We've got seals to help prevent any moisture, dirt and debris from getting inside the bed on the items you're trying to protect.Now the top coat of our Tonneau is going to be a UV resistant vinyl so for years to come, we're not going to have to worry about it cracking, fading or deteriorating. The layer below that is aircraft grade aluminum. It's nice and thick, it's going to give this a really good durability and we won't have to worry so much about things coming down on top of it and stuff like that causing any kind of damage or any kind of rips.Now to roll your cover up, you want to open the tailgate there and on each side, there's a little black cable here. You'll pull down on one side, it doesn't matter which and you'll see that's going to release our cover to come up and this really only takes one person.

Just begin to roll it up. The thing I like about it unlike a standard soft cover, it keeps itself square as we roll it up, so we don't have one side smaller and one side kind of getting much bigger.This is also a lot easier to use, especially if you've got a truck like this with the 8 foot bed, then the one with the folding sections. Those tend to get pretty heavy. This doesn't gain a lot of weight as we roll it forward, and that's gonna give you a good look at those interlocking aluminum slats that are there on the bottom. You'll see we get great security on our items, kind of touching on that again.

At the end of each of the slats, you've got an area where the latch on the side is going come down and it engages. So, each and every panel is secured down to the bed of the truck.Now when fully rolled up, you'll notice we still have a good view out of the back glass. Our third brake light's not been obstructed and if you're going to use that camera in the back maybe hooking up to a gooseneck or fifth wheel. You'll still be able to see down to your items.Now there are roll-up style covers similar to this that slide into a storage box. They kind of coil up inside of a box located here.

Well that's a good design, there's really nothing wrong with those covers. Without that canister sitting in here, we have more room in our bed for additional items or if even the back box too which this cover is compatible with, you could add that in there to give you additional storage options.You see, they've also added protection around the entire cover as we roll it up. This allows the cover to rest on the top of it on the softer material, rather than it being on the harder aluminum.Now in the event you we're to roll your cover up too quickly or something or maybe you didn't remember to strap it down and you hit the brakes, if it does roll up to the back of the vehicle, you can see we've got the pads in place and that's gonna give us protection, so we don't have to worry about any contact between the cover and the cab of our truck.Now located on each side, we're gonna have straps with our clip so we can bring over the cover and clip in place to keep it secure. Now these clips are going to be a little bit more difficult I think anyway to get in place than the prop rod that you're gonna get with the back flip or you know the retracts, it's just gonna slide into a container. So I think this is a little bit harder process than what you're gonna see on those other two. But once we do have it cinched down, as you can see, it holds it nice and securely.Now with the cover in this position as you can see, you're free to pretty much load your bed as full as what you did without a cover installed. You're gonna lose, this is the eight foot long version. It takes up about 9.5 inches of space from the front bulkhead. The 6.5, 5.5 foot version should be a little bit smaller than that and the rails that we have installed on each side, those come in from the bed rails about 2.5 inches. So just keep in that mind, make sure that's gonna allow you enough room to get whatever items in that you'll need.And then when it's time to put our cover back in place, we've got the same situation. Just a real easy, one person job here, nothing to align really side to side and we'll just pull down firmly here on the corners with both hands. We hear it latch into place and then we can close our tailgate. Now the nice thing about the way this Tonneau cover operates, it doesn't have anything in the instructions about you have to close it with the tailgate open, you have to close it with the tailgate closed. So you're able to just open the gate, get your stuff in and out without having to release it. But if your tailgate happens to be up, it latches just the same way.Now something I like about the new Revolver X4 that we didn't really see with the X2 is that the side rails here are really matched very well with the OAM bed rails and caps so it gives it a real seamless kind of streamlined look.Now the cover offers a drill free installation. It's a really straightforward and pretty easy process to do. We'll just have a seal that goes across the front here and then four clamps for side on the long bed and usually three clamps per side on the short bed.Now honestly the same could be said for most Tonneau covers, they're usually not that hard to install. Something that does stand out on this cover though that I really like is that we don't have any seams. We don't have any stitching. We don't have any hook and loop fasteners we need to deal with. We're not going to be pushing down the side, going down each side. We're not going to have to worry about seepage through those seams getting into the bed of the truck.And there's another nice feature. Since this does sit inside the rails of our bed, we'll still have full access to our stake pockets for accessories we might want to use.Now based on our experience here in the shop with the X4 and customer feedback, you're going to get a really high quality cover. It offers superior protection for anything that you've got in there. Superior security and all of that comes from a product that's made right here in the United States.And that's going to complete our look at the Back Line of the Revolver X4 Hard Tonneau Cover.