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B and W Companion OEM 5th Wheel Hitch Review

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Review of the B and W Companion OEM 5th Wheel Hitch

Today we're gonna be taking look at the BMW Companion OEM fifth-wheel trailer hitch with slider for the Ram towing prep package. Part number is DWRVK3670. Now this companion fifth-wheel is designed to go directly into the Ram puck system, so we can get a fifth-wheel hitch put in the bed of the truck that does offer a slider without any bed modifications. That's really key I think, about the puck system and being able to get something like this put in your bed very quickly. Now something that really sets this sliding set up apart from any others is the distance that it actually travels. With this one we've got a very easy to operate lever here on the side. Just gonna slide that into the unlocked position and this gives us a full twelve inches of travel. We'll then move that handle back into the locked position.

We're gonna be ready to move around the campsites. Now in the rear position, it's only designed for your slow speed navigating around parking lots and things like that. Whenever we're ready to travel, get back on the road, unlock position again. As we'll back up towards our camper, this is gonna come forward, lock our arm down and, as you can see, it's one of the smoothest operating systems forward and back that there is. When you receive this, the entire base is gonna be one piece. So your arms are already symmetrical, they're already lined up with each other, so there's not gonna be any of that binding that you can sometimes experience with a lot of other slider hitches out on the market today. Now this fifth-wheel's really been thought out when it comes to connecting and disconnecting. It's designed to pivot side to side and forward and back.

So even in uneven terrain or if we're on a slight hill, we should have no problems with disconnecting from the fifth-wheel. We've got our release handle here. It's got a pin with the clip attached to hold it in place, but you can also use a pad lock that would have a quarter inch shank on it to go through the hole and secure it so you cannot detach the camper from the hitch. Then all you have to do is pull that forward. You'll see how those gold 00:02:10 jaws are gonna open up. Once we back in, that's gonna be forced close and we can reconnect our pin. Now this is gonna give 360 degrees of contact around our king pin.

That's gonna give us a nice secure fit and it's gonna prevent some of that moving around that we used to get. Older style fifth-wheels just had a single bar that came across and that created a lot of wear. With the new 360 fit we're not gonna have that wear, which will reduce chucking. As that system ages we're not gonna have any play in there that we'll have to worry about. Now this is also one of the quietest fifth-wheel heads out there on the market. Not only at each pivot point here, do we have rubber, but also in the side to side.

So that's gonna help absorb many of the vibrations that traditionally we're sent into the truck where you'd feel them in the cab. When in position, you can see our handle is gonna operate very smoothly. Sometimes you'll have to press down on that bolt just slightly. Then we can secure it either with the pin and clip or, again, you could use a padlock with a small diameter shank to go through that hole as well. That would keep the companion and slider attached to your truck. It couldn't be removed by a potential thief. Now on each side of the head you've got a pin. It's held in place by a clip. By removing those, we can then pull up on the two black handles on each side of the head. If we give it a wiggle a little bit, we can get that to come off. This is gonna help us when removing it so we don't have to lift up all the weight at the same time. With that off, again here, you can see those rubber bumpers we we're talking about, that helps to keep the system nice and quiet. Now the BMW Companion's constructed of very heavy duty high quality steel. It also has a nice gray powder coat finish that keeps that nice and protected, so we don't have to worry about corrosion. All of this is constructed right here in the United States, so you can take pride in knowing that. As far as weight capacities go, we've got a 20,000 lb gross trailer weight rating. That'll be the total weight of your trailer and anything that you might have loaded in it. It also gives us a vertical load limit, or the maximum downward force we can put here on the top, of 5,000 lbs. As far as weight capacities go, we've got a 20,000 lb gross trailer weight rating. That'll be the total weight of your trailer and anything that you might have loaded in it. It also gives us a vertical load limit, or the maximum downward force we can put here on the top, of 5,000 lbs. Definitely though, you'll want to check out the owners' manual of your vehicle to see what it's rated for and not exceed that. Now we've seen the rubber pivot points inside of the head here. That's for the front to back. You'll notice here on the passenger side just underneath the head we've got a shock absorber. That attaches down to the base and that's gonna keep it centered in the flat position until it needs to tilt one way or another. This will then either contract a little bit or expand a little bit, allowing for that movement, but keeping it nice and rigid as we travel. Now we'll begin by getting our slider base put into the puck system. We want to have all four of our puck levers completely open. That means they're sticking out. That'll have the tab sitting cross ways of the bed and we'll place it down and in at all four locations. Once that's down in position, we'll press down on our bolt and rotate our lever. That's gonna lock that tab down in that puck system. We'll do that on all four corners and we'll have our slider base secured in place. Now we can put in the head support arms. You can see there's four holes. We've got four bolts that go in each side with a lock washer. With the holes that we have inside of the slider itself, we can adjust the height anywhere from about 19 inches to the top of our king pin down to about 17. We're gonna set ours right in the middle at the 18 mark. We'll thread four bolts into the appropriate hole locations, into the pre threaded holes that we have in the slider base. Now these arms you can see are also offset. These can be installed with the straight side towards the rear to have our king pin set directly over the axle or, if we reverse them, we'll be moving it forward two inches. Once we have all eight of these started, we're gonna snug them down and torque them to the specifications listed in the instructions. Now we'll get the leveling kit installed. Need to attach the spring to the clip. We're gonna use a quarter inch bolt and nylon lock nut for that. We're gonna tighten this down with a 7/16 wrench and socket, just so it's snug. We still want that wire to be able to rotate. Now we're gonna bring this closest to the cab and we want the top edge of that spring to be sitting about a half inch below our rubber bumper. Then we'll tap that on the arm with our hammer. Just like that. Now we can grab our head and we're gonna sit it right down on those pivot arms. Once that's in place, we'll bring our pins through and secure it with our clips. Now we'll install our handle. We want to pull the pin out, slide the handle assembly in. The three holes are gonna line up. On the two holes closest to the middle of the truck we'll put through a cap screw and we're gonna finish that up on the bottom with a hex nut. Now we'll get those tightened down. For the head, we're using the 7/32. For the nut, we're using the 9/16. At that point, our fifth-wheel is gonna be ready for use. That's gonna complete our look at the BMW Companion OEM fifth-wheel trailer hitch with slider for the Ram towing prep package. Part number DWRVK3670.

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Craig F.
What's the weight of this 5th wheel hitch?
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Reply from David B.

The B&W Companion OEM 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch w/ Slider for Ram Towing Prep Package - Dual Jaw - 20K # BWRVK3670 is 299.845 pounds.

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