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Bargman RV Porch/Utility Light Review and Installation

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Review and How to Install the Bargman RV Porch/Utility Light

Zach: Hey guys, Zach here at And today we're going to be taking a look at this Bargman RV porch light or utility light for enclosed trailers like we have here today. This is going to do a really good job of lighting up the area to an entrance, to a trailer, or potentially the patio set. If you've got your camper set up and got everything laid out, this is going to do a really good job of lighting that up. But with the amber color here, I think not only will it light everything up, but it's going to keep the bugs at bay. The brighter white lights tend to attract bugs more.

This will still have some bugs hanging around, but just not as many. But this one is going to be tied into a switch on the inside so I think this is best suited for campers and RVs, but if you've got a light switch set up on the inside of your enclosed trailer, this is still going to be a really good setup.You can see this is incandescent so when we open this up and we take a look, we have a bunch of LEDs on the inside. It's maybe not as easy to tell with the white versus the amber design, but it just has a little bit cleaner look compared to the incandescent. Now, comparing this to an LED, this will definitely not last as long. It doesn't have as bright or as clean or modern of a look, but it still does a really good job.

The one thing when it comes to how long these will last, the filament on the inside of the bulb, it will break eventually. It'll burn out, going down the road they get brittle after a while but you can easily replace those bulbs if they do burn out. I think it's just one of those things where if I got on my. got to where I was going on my trip, I wouldn't want to have to worry about a bulb burning out and trying to find a replacement if I didn't have one.That with LEDs I know those diodes are going to last for a long time but if you're looking for something that's just going to get the job done this is going to do that for you. Now, the incandescent is going to be hot.

This one doesn't have a switch on it and after a while, it's pretty hot to touch. I've had this on for maybe five to 10 minutes. So if you did have the switch style which they do have those available. If you didn't want to tie it into a light switch like we have here today, that might be a little hot to touch but with this sio setup I don't think it's really going to be an issue. Now the amber design may make it look like a side marker light but we have this tied in with our interior lights so when we flip those on this will be on.The downward angle also kind of takes that away.

So we're not losing light straight out, it's getting directed down on the ground and I think that it does a good job with those reflectors of kind of spreading out the light a little bit so it's not a harsh spotlight by any means. So I think it's going to do a good job of that. Now we have this in a black housing right here with amber light, but if you're interested in the more white clear style, we have that with a black housing and a chrome housing as well. So if you're looking for something that maybe illuminated a little bit more and you're not really worried about bugs, this will also come in those colors. It's going to measure at six inches long by three and a half inches tall, by two and a quarter inches on how far it sticks out from our trailer.That's pretty standard. We have a lot of lights that fit that similar fit. So it also fits a lot of the similar mounting holes of those. So that's something to keep in mind whenever you're putting this on the side of your trailer, whether you're replacing a light or adding it onto an enclosed trailer like this. With the lights off, you can see that this does a really good job of lighting up the area. I have a little bit of light leaking in through the windows and I have a light on the front of the trailer that's tied in with this but it's a white light, you can kind of get a good idea as to where the amber light is here. It's about five to eight feet out from my trailer before it starts dying out and it's pretty much the length of my trailer.And it does a really good job. It's not the brightest in the world. I think if you're looking for something to light up maybe a patio area with your camper or you're wanting to play some cards or something, I would maybe go with the white clear lens lights versus the amber but if you just want something to kind of give you a safe area of walking at night, give you an idea where the entrance to your camper is, this is going to be a really good job of doing that, but it's pretty easy to install so let's just show you how we got this one put in place. Now to begin our installation, I disconnected the battery on the trailer and I stripped my wires that are coming out. We are replacing an old light that was in here and these come pre-stripped on the light and it doesn't come with hardware, but that's okay because most of the time when they come with hardware I end up replacing it and I put butt connectors on there instead of the wire nuts that they have.Those are okay but those aren't really ideal for trailer use just because they could come undone. So we'll just use these butt connectors here. Now these are standard. You can use heat shrink if you'd like, but I think that since we're putting these inside the trailer there it's going to be totally okay. So I'll get a couple of these put on, get them crimped down and then I'm going to connect them to the respective wires there. That's a good idea to check to see what is your positive and what's your negative on the wires coming out, and I've already gone ahead and done that. And I have this running to a switch on the inside so we've got to make sure that that is running to the proper wire on that switch as well. So we'll get these all connected here and then we'll get this put in place.You want to make sure that you give a little tug after you get it put in place make sure that held on there. All right so we can get that fed in there. These wires put back in place. Now the holes that. the mounting holes on this, they're not completely universal, but it does look like they are going to line up because we had a very similar light on here beforehand. You could see we have had a couple of different lights on here from us testing all of them out and I'm going to make sure that I have my wires in this recessed here or part right here so I don't pinch those in there, feed those back in that hole. And I'll see if those will line up and it looks like it does line up so we can get. I have a couple of Phillips self-tappers and since I have those holes drilled out no need to drill a pilot hole. Those are going to fit in pretty good.Make sure you get pilot hole put in place before you start putting those in. Make sure those get put in place, get those tightened down. I'm just going to use a screwdriver here so I don't go all the way through my siding on the trailer. And it has four holes here where you can put those in place. I think it's going to be okay to just use the two because two of them are larger than the other two. So I think you're going to have two if you wanted two you'd have to drill a hole through the back housing on the light itself. This will do a good job of holding in place right there. And then we can get our cap put in place. So that's going to do it for our look at the Bargman incandescent RV porch light or utility light for enclosed trailers.