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Bargman LED Clearance Side Marker Light Installation

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How to Install the Bargman LED Clearance Side Marker Light

Speaker 1: Today, we're going to be taking a look at and showing you how to install the Bargman LED clearance and side marker light. This is the 59 series with the amber light and white base. Part number is 47-59-002.Here's what our light is going to look like installed. As you can see, we've got it mounted on a 45 degree angle here. In that situation, it works as a side marker and a clearance light for us. It can also be mounted on the front or the side of your trailer for a clearance or a side marker light.

Lots of applications.There are several reasons why people tend to change out their lights. One, it's corroded to a point it won't work anymore, it's cracked, maybe the base is cracked, or you just want to go from an incandescent light and upgrade to an LED-style bulb.These LEDs tend to be a much cleaner and brighter light. They really stand out and also give the trailer a very nice look. These also last a lot longer than incandescent light bulbs. If you're routinely changing bulbs, probably time for an upgrade.

They draw a lot less power. Doesn't take near as much power to get the brightness out of these than it does with an incandescent. Several advantages to this style light.Now, overall we've got an acrylic lens here. It's going to resist UV fading. Then, we've got the white base.

Now, these bases are all made out of an ABS-type plastic. There's also a reflector built into the lens going both directions so if the light is not on, you've just got your trailer parked, when your headlights hit it, it'll light up so you get a good look at it.Now, overall the light is going to be four inches from side to side. From bottom to top, we're looking at two inches. Then, from the surface of our trailer to the outermost part of the lens, it's about an inch and 1/32.Now, this light is designed with the mounting attachment points on three inaudible 00:01:52 centers. This is going to work out with all the standard size side marker and clearance lights, so it'll be an exact fit for you.Now, to begin our installation, of course we're going to need to remove the old light.

Hang onto your hardware. You're going to use that to replace the new light here. You'll see our new light is going to have two wires coming off of the back. That means it's going to work out really well for our two-wire system like what we've got because we're on a fiberglass corner or also for a one-wire system.Now, if your setup is a single-wire system, meaning that you just have one wire that comes out, you're going to connect that to one of the black wires using the same butt connectors we'll use here in just a second. The other wire, all you'll need to do is add on a little ring terminal and then you'll place that right over top of the mounting hole just like that. As you bring your screw through and tighten that down, that'll create the ground for you. Your light will work, no problem.Now, whether you're doing a single or double-wire setup, you do want to strip back your wire or wires. It's going to expose the copper inside on each of them. We'll twist that up. Keep everything together.Now, we're going to add on a couple heat-shrink butt connectors. We're going to use part number: DW05743. Slide those onto the wire and crimp them down. Then, we'll add in the wires from our light. These are pre-stripped. Slide those in and get them crimped down.Now, to shrink these down, we'll need a heat source. We can use a heat gun, a little mini torch or a lighter. Just want to heat them up gently. You'll see them start to shrink down. Eventually, it looks like the wire magnifies. Then, there's just a little bit of clear gel that comes out of the end. Just like that. Good and fully shrunk. We'll do that on each of our wires and both ends of the connector. That's going to give us a very corrosion-resistant connection there. Should never have to worry about it failing.Now, we'll feed those back in. We can get our light mounted. We're just going to be reusing our original hardware.We can bring the light on in. We'll get each of those little tabs set in the corner and we can place our lens over the top.Now, to put that on, you just want to get it lined up. Press firmly to make sure it's attached.Now, we can either hook up to a vehicle or a tester, send it power and just make sure it works properly.That'll complete our installation of the Bargman LED clearance and side marker light, part number: 47-59-002.

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