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Bargman RV Porch or Utility Light Review and Installation

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Review and How to Install the Bargman RV Porch or Utility Light

Zack: Hey guys. Zack here at, and today we're gonna be taking a look at the Bargman porch light for RVs, but it also works out great for enclosed trailers as a utility light like we have here. This is going to be an incandescent light. It's gonna do a really good job of illuminating the area outside of the entryway to your motor home or on the side of an enclosed trailer like we have here today. If you compare it to the LEDs that we have on the inside of the trailer, you can see the difference there. The incandescent is just gonna have...

Maybe a little bit more dull look than the LEDs. The LEDs have a much brighter crisper look than the incandescent, but this is gonna be an affordable option to give you a light on the exterior of your trailer.Whether you're replacing a light or adding a new one on, I think that the incandescent light is fine, it does a good job of lighting up the air you need it to. But, I would probably go with the LEDs just because of the maintenance aspect. This will eventually burn out and it'll burn out much quicker than the LEDs. Now, the LEDs are going to cost more, but over time, I think that they'll pay for themselves when it comes to the time you'll save and having to replace those bulbs.

Cause the filament in those bulbs will eventually go out and it's not difficult to swap this out. The cap comes off fairly easy or the lens cap, excuse me, and the bulbs are pretty easy to replace, but it's just time consuming. You're out on a trip and your bulb burns out for your ports. If you don't have a spare one, you gotta to find a new one or you don't have that light for the trip. So, the LEDs will last longer.

They're a little bit cleaner looking in my opinion, and they're just a little bit brighter.Now, another thing when it comes to incandescent is these will be warmer. Now this one is hooked up to a switch on the inside. They also have some that have a switch on the bottom here if you don't want it to be tied in with other lights. And after a while, this one's been on for maybe five or 10 minutes, and I can already.. This is hot to touch.

So, you're only flipping that switch, but that's something to keep in mind. The housing on this is made of an ABS plastic. So it warms up pretty quick, but it's gonna do a good job of holding up against, some minor things that may bump up against it but it's not gonna take a lot of abuse very easily.If you do break these lens covers here they are replaceable. We have it in the chrome finish here today with the clear lens, but it also comes in a black housing with a clear lens and also an amber lens. If you're looking for something that's not going to attract as many bugs. Now one thing that I did notice is, I have a little bit of light leaking out of the sides here. I don't think that this fits up against this aluminum siding that well, I couldn't really get it to bidden that well, I only have two screws in, but I still don't think that the four or the third and fourth screw would add that much more into it. So that's something to keep in mind. It's not sitting up against there the way I would like it.Now when it comes to the overall size of this light, it's a pretty good size. It's not the smallest or biggest in the world, but it's gonna measure it six inches wide by three inches tall by two and a quarter inches, at its furthest out point from the side of our trailer here so that's something to keep in mind when you're putting this place. I took the lights down in the shop. I've got a little bit coming through the windows and I have a light off the front of the trailer that's tied in with this, but this gives you a good idea as to how much area we're covering with the light. It's pretty much the entire length of the trailer. And it's about five to eight feet out, before it starts dimming down a little bit, so it lights up the entrance to a trailer really well and if you had maybe a patio set outside your camper, it'll do a good job of lighting that up as well.Now, this isn't as bright as an LED that's okay though. You may not want a full, really bright light off the side of your trailer so it's still going to do a good job. It's pretty straightforward when it comes to the installation, especially if you already have a light that's in place. It doesn't come with a switch so, I have it tied into a light switch on the inside of the trailer. So, I think it's best suited if you already have that in place or especially on your campers, but I like the way that it works and that it's easy to install so we're gonna go ahead and we're gonna show you how we got this put in place.To begin our installation I went ahead and disconnected the battery on my trailer, make sure you're not hooked up to any power, and I took off the pieces on here. They we're already pre-stripped. They just had the install on there, and I have the wires sticking out of my trailer here. We're replacing an old light that wasn't working anymore, and I have stripped those back and there's already a couple of holes drilled from the light that was already on their. I think we're gonna have some good luck with this one, being helped to line those up.I am just going to attach these with just a standard Butt connector. This doesn't come with hardware that's okay, cause the ones that usually do come with hardware with my experience, I always end up swapping it out cause it's always just like wire nuts and those are great for your house but, going down the road will sometimes come undone so I think Butt connectors are the way to go. Now you can pick up heat shrink, but since we're tucking these back in the trailer, I don't think it's necessary to do that, but you can do that if you would like, so we'll get these crimped down and put in place and we can get our light installed or connect our light. Excuse me. Get that crimp down.Make sure we've got a good connection there. Just give it a slight tug on there and make sure it's connected, and then I've already tested these out. The black does my power and the white is my ground. So we'll just match up those colors here, attach the black to the black and white to white.Just get that foot in place. Get that crimped down. Now that I have those crimped down, I can put these back in here, get those fed in there and we can just get this light put in place. I'm gonna pop this lens cap off. You can see we've got a lot of slack in there. We left ourselves some room when we put this on, cause the first time we ever had this off, it was really short so we wanted to give us some room to work. Now I need to get this lens cover off, so I'll pop that out from the bottom, and I'm gonna see if those holes line up for me, if not, I'll have to mark them and drill a little pilot hole. This is an aluminum side so. Also this little recess backing is a nice spot to get that to sit down in there so we're not smashing those wires and let's see if I can find those holes, and actually it does line up so a lot of different manufacturers' have that same measurement there so I'm gonna get these screws started in there.These are just Phillips head self-tapping screws, then it's just gonna go right in that hole, and I'm not using any power tools with this today, since that hole was already there, I don't wanna overdo it, and it has four holes there, but two of them are a lot smaller than the left and right corner. That's pretty, normal too. These hold the place just fine with two, in my opinion, but if you wanna put the third and fourth one in there, you can definitely do that. Just make sure you pick up the right hardware, but you can put these in with any kind of sheet metal screw.So now that we have that in place, I'm gonna just go ahead and put this lens cover on real quick, and then I'm gonna hook up my battery and we'll test it out. Get the desk wiped off there, and my fingerprint smudges. I hooked up my battery. I'm gonna flip my lights on here cause I have that tied into a switch, and then I'll just get this one turned on and you can see it's working. So that's gonna do it for our look at the Bergman incandescent RV porch light or utility light for enclosed trailers.

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