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TracRac SR Sliding Truck Bed Ladder Rack Base Rails Review

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Review of the TracRac SR Sliding Truck Bed Ladder Rack Base Rails

Speaker 1: Today, we're going to take a look at the base rails for the TracRac sliding truck bed ladder racks. These TracRac base rails are going to provide a sliding, fully-adjustable solution for your TracRac SR or G2 ladder racks. There's a base rail kit that'll be custom fit for your vehicle, in both short bed and long bed applications. These rails are going to run the full length of your bed, and have two separate sliding rails for maximum adjustability.Now, if you jump inside the bed, you can loosen up your rails and they slide easily back and forth with just one person. As you can see here, you can adjust it for shorter sized loads up on top. With these sliding rails, we we're able to push our ladder rack all the way back, easily, put on our 12-foot ladder, and now we're ready to go.

What's great about being able to slide these rails all the way forward into their fully-closed position, you can now put something very tall in the back of your truck without having to disassemble your rails to get it in there.These rails are going to be great for people who want to get the most out of their truck, so that way you can have the ultimate adjustability up top, as well as below in your bed. This kit's going to have everything you need to install it, and it's going to be a no-drill solution. That'll go right down into your stake holes and hold it in place. To slide your ladder rack on, you simply need to remove your end screws and lift your ladder rack up into place. Alight the feet with the rails, and slide it forward.

After you slide your ladder rack onto the rails, make sure you put your safety bolts back into place.This'll prevent your ladder rack from sliding off the back of your truck. The rails of constructed of an anodized aluminum that's going to be rust and corrosion resistant, and comes with a limited lifetime warranty. When compared to other base rails, this system has two separate rails, which allows for more adjustability. As you can see here, we we're able to collapse these rails even closer together by offsetting them on the inside and outside rail. That completes our look at the base rails for the TracRac sliding truck bed ladder racks..



I have a pick-up truck FORD F250 8ft back also i already have a new bad cover

Chris R.


Are you looking for the right model TracRac SR Ladder Rack system for your truck? If so, can you tell me the model year of your F-250?