Bestop EZ Fold Folding Tonneau Cover Review

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Review of the Bestop EZ Fold Folding Tonneau Cover

Adam: What's going on everybody Adam with etrailer. Today we're going to be taking a look at the Bestop Easy Fold Soft Tonneau Cover. And this is going to be a great way to get a cover on the top of your bed just so you can either protect whatever is in your bed from getting wet or if you're driving a lot of highway and stuff like that, you'd be surprised how much fuel economy you will pick up by having a cover over your bed. There's a lot of air coming through here, and a lot of it gets piled into your bed. Have you ever driven a truck with a bunch of leaves in it and you realize once you're done driving, there's still a bunch of leaves right here. That's because the air literally wraps around and gets caught back here.

So like I said, you'll be extremely surprised how it's going to help your driving experience whenever you're going on longer trips.Also, if you're going on longer trips, with our Ranger here, if we do have it completely full with a bunch of people, and this goes for any truck, really, we're going to need to put their stuff somewhere. Whether you guys have a roof rack or a ladder rack, that's going to be one way to do it, but just to have a cover on here, if you guys hit water on the drive, you guys can put all of your contents into the bed of your truck without adding any height to your vehicle and also any length to the back end. So we're going to go ahead and go over a couple of features and stuff in this video to see if this Tonneau Cover is going to be right for you.As you can see here, this is a Tonneau Cover that really doesn't have a whole lot of wrinkles out of it. To be honest, I literally just put this thing on and it's not necessarily the warmest day out. So it really didn't have time to really stretch out in the sun, but as you can see, it fit really well and we don't have any wrinkles.

So if that is something you guys are concerned with, I didn't have the problem with that here. Also just with the structure of it, as you can see, there is a couple of points here that it's going to have little aluminum bars underneath of it, and that's going to keep it stretched out, so you're not going to see this thing flapping in the wind whenever you're going down the road in high speeds. I have seen a couple Tonneau Covers doing that, and it just catches my eye when I'm driving down the road and we don't necessarily want that. We want this Tonneau Cover to catch people's eyes just because it looks good.So I just opened the tailgate to give you guys a closer look at these beams. They are pretty hefty, made of aluminum, so they're not going to rust over time, but they're actually dual functional.

One is just obviously to support the fabric of our Tonneau Cover, but also it has an integrated track system here, and that is going to secure our fasteners to the rail. And these are also super easy to undo, just loosen that like that. And I'll show you how you can slide it across, just like that. Then you can just fold these up. And then once we do that on both sides, you can fold them up just like so, as you can see, they have a nice bow to them.

So it's going to keep that shape over time and just keep this fabric nice and tight over time. But if we don't necessarily want to drive with it completely down, we have options.So you fold it up just like that. We're actually going to have some little clips here. So if you guys just decide we have a decent amount of, let's just say, muddy or wet gear in the back here, we can open it up just to keep all that moisture out and let it air dry whenever we're going down the road. And all you got to really do to do that is just take these, and we're going to clip them up front here, just like that. So just know that you have two different options of driving modes with this Tonneau Cover. And I think that's definitely a feature I would look for when looking for a Tonneau Cover. And if we run into rain, when we're driving, we can pull over the side of the road and take 20 seconds just to undo those clips, fold it back like this, and then just reconnect our sides here and just like that we can cover everything up just because we do have some nice weather stripping here. And that's going to keep most of the rain out.But one thing I do want to note, so way back there, I want you guys to see that little gap there. That is something that you guys might want to know about because as you can see, you can see my fingers here. So what I would suggest if you're not really wanting this gap here is to probably just go on our website. We do have some weatherstripping that you guys can put down on the actual rail part of your bed and that's going to close up that gap a little bit, but at the end of the day, with all the seals everywhere else underneath the whole entire Tonneau Cover, it wouldn't be a bad idea to let it breathe. Not a lot of water is going to get into that crack, but I do want to let you know that it is there so if you really want it to be completely sealed up, grab some more sealing tape at etrailer.So now I'm going to give you guys my two cents on this Tonneau Cover specifically. I've messed with a lot in my time here at etrailer. And I would definitely say that this is one I would put on my truck. It's definitely an entry level Tonneau Cover. It's going to get the job done. It is a soft top. So it is going to not give you as much security as some of those hard top Tonneau Covers, but they're extremely more intricate to install. This one, you don't even need any tools, no drilling required. All you really need is your hands, which is awesome.And I think it's going to be just overall a good way to cover up your bed, whether it's just to keep the rain out, make it look good, or just to make sure no one's just peeping into what you have in the bed of your truck. Sometimes I have some tools in the back and I'd rather not have people to see them because they can just go and grab them. Or of course someone could cut a knife and get into it. But this is really just a theft deterrent. And of course we have a locking tailgate on this pickup here. And if you do too, you can lock this and then no one's going to be able to see or grab whatever you have in the contents of your bed.So all in all, it looks good, it works well and it keeps that water out. So if you guys are one of those that wants those benefits in a Tonneau Cover, the Bestop Easy Fold's going to do it for you. Again, this was the Bestop Easy Fold Soft Tonneau Cover. And I'm Adam with trailer.

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