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Blaylock Tandem-Axle Trailer EZ Jack and Wheel Chock Review

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Review of the Blaylock Tandem-Axle Trailer EZ Jack and Wheel Chock

What's up everybody it's AJ with, today we're gonna be checking out the EZ-Jack, from Blaylock. And what you're gonna use this for, is you can pull up your camper right up on there. It's gonna get that tire up off the ground and make it easier to change out the tire, with it up like that. You don't have to get a bottle Jack out there, and get underneath the vehicle, and crawl in there, and get that all raised up. You just pull back on here, drive up, and you see it lifts up like this. Or you can flip it upside down and use as wheel chock.

Let's check it out, coming in for a closer look at it. We're gonna explain you how it worked. We started by putting the EZ-Jack at the front of our tire here, and we pulled it all forward, and rolled up to this where it is now on that point. And when that tire up in the air, it all so lifted this one up off the ground. So now if can free spin it, and we can know that it's okay to work on it because it's up off of the ground.

So if you have a single axle trailer, this is not gonna be able to be used as a Jack because you have to have the one tire up, to lift the other. Something that I wanna make clear is when you got the one side up off the ground, you wanna come over here on the opposite side, make sure you use the wheel chocks, and then also use the parking brake on your vehicle to make sure nothing moves around. The EZ-Jacks are made out of a cast aluminum. So there's definitely some benefits to that one. It's gonna be heavily durable.

Gonna hold up to 20,000 pounds. Also, if you use it outside, and it rains, the elements aren't gonna bother, it is aluminum. So have not old word rust or corrosion. And another thing is, if you have some of those classic ones, you use it for, they don't really hold up in the winter, all that well. The elements kinda get to them, they can crack or break.

And if your tires are on there and it cracks or breaks, that plastic is sharp, so they could puncture your tire and cause a bunch of issues. And then you're out of tire, and you don't have a Jack anymore, either. As I said earlier, you can also use this as a wheel chocks. So we're gonna do, We've got to flip upside down, put it into place, give it a couple of kicks, the wedges in there nice. And there you go. I like that it has two different uses, 'cause you're not gonna always need it as a Jack. That's nice that if you do have a couple of these, you can flip it around and use them as a chock, just to keep your trailer in place. And you can still use it on a single axle trailer. You can see what you're using it as a wheel chock right now, but we also use it to level outside the side. So what we would do, is put it in the front of the tire, just like we did before, pull up on it. And then that would raise up that side, and hopefully level it out for us. And I tried this, so whatever size you need level on, is what side you would use it on. Now you can also use it with smaller motor homes, as long as it fits the weight capacity, or even truck bed campers. But in that instance, you need to get two of them, because you need one per axle, and you put them on the same size. So either put them both on the driver's side, or both on the passenger side, to again, level out that side to side. If you're going to use it as a leveler, we recommend go ahead and getting something like a wheel chock or a wedge here you put in underneath the EZ-Jack, just to help keep it upright, because then you'd want to bring the tire bags a little bit so it sits in there like a cradle, kinda cradles the tire, versus it just kind of being on the end there. Because if you're using it as a Jack, nobody's gonna be up in your rig. But if you using a leveler, or you have people walk around back and forth, and you don't want this just rocking back and forth. Now we'll go over some measurements just to make sure it fits in your basement door. 'Cause you know, you wanna keep it on you at all times for an emergency blowout, or just routine maintenance, you want it on you and make sure it fits in there with all your other gear. So from end to end, this is gonna be in 24". That's also gonna be 6" tall, and it's gonna be 6-1/8" wide. So let's just go ahead and put it in the basement door, and see as big as it looks in my hand, it still fits in there just fine with room to spare. Overall, I think it's a very useful thing to have. It's far easier to roll up on this, than to get a normal Jack out there. Put it underneath there, get your camper rose up, so you can get on there and do the maintenance. This is far easier and quicker, which you definitely want when it's time to work on this. Also, I think it's better and more reliable than other options. If you're using it as a leveler, those got those plastic pieces we talked about earlier that can break, you know, or really in winter, they're more prone to break and later on, so you know that this is going to hold up just fine. You don't have to worry about that plastic pieces or anything like that. And even if you use boards to stack up, which we don't recommend you do, but it would take like four or five boards just to get it up this high off the ground. And you want to haul that stuff with you all the time, much easier to have this in that basement door, ready to go. Well, I think that does it. Thanks for hanging out, and I hope this helped..

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