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Blaylock Aluminum Wheel Chock Review

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Review of the Blaylock Aluminum Wheel Chock

What's up everybody it's A.J with Today we're gonna be checking out these aluminum wheel chocks from Blaylock. These are gonna' be a good option to chock your wheels on your camper or your rig. They, again are aluminum, so they're gonna' be lightweight, but they are still more heavy-duty than some of the plastic ones or just using woodblocks. Let's check em' out. Right away, I just want to show you the comparison to the wheel chocks that we're being used on this rig, you can see how this one is gonna' be made out of plastic.

It is smaller, it has the ridges still fully capable. However, I really like this aluminum one, and how much bigger it is, that way you know how much more it's gonna' be up on that wheel. Just further peace of mind looking at it knowing, Hey, it's not gonna' roll back this thing's pretty big. It's gonna' get wedged in there real nicely, especially with these teeth here that seem like they're a little more aggressive than just these lines. They come up just a little bit.

These stick out quite a bit more. So that means it's gonna' get in that tire grip and just be safer overall. Another cool thing that they have is these teeth at the bottom. So, that's gonna' be really good if it's on loose ground. So if you're on gravel or dirt, this can help dig in there and get that bite in the ground that you wouldn't normally get with the plastic one, just kind of sits there so, it doesn't really dig in.

So it still could potentially slide around. This one. It's gonna' have these go right into the ground and kind of give it a foundation, or give it a grip to not move. If you find yourself on concrete pads, a lot more than gravel or dirt, I would maybe suggest getting a romper wheel chock. Those are made out of rubber.

So they're gonna' have more of a grip on the concrete pads. So you can see, as I kick this one, it still moves and shifts around a little bit. If you had rubber there on the bottom, it might grab a little bit better and not move. Another option out there for you would be the Buyers products. They make some aluminum wheel chocks as well. However, the one thing that stands out to me is they don't have the teeth here. I know I talked about that earlier, having that grip on that tire, those are just smooth. I really prefer just the teeth on there. Just again, peace of mind. I know that it's gonna' grip in there and give it something to hold on to. It also has handles on the top. So, I think that's really useful just to get a good grip on it, whether you're setting in to place or sometimes they can get jammed in there, as they should since it's a wheel chock. You have to kind of pull them all out of there. I got that nice big handle here. I can get my hand in and get it out unless you just want to kick it to get it out to, that's also an option. Another thing I like about them is they stack on top of each other. So, you can set them like that and kind of condense and take up less space than they do individually. And then we'll fit in your basement door off to the side, and then they're out of sight out of mind. Overall. I think they work really well. They're heavy duty. So you're not going to have to worry about them cracking or breaking on you as you use them over time. I think they're really going to excel though if you are on loose ground. So, gravel or dirt, they're really going to work good with that digging in with these teeth on the bottom, you're gonna' really see that work well for you. Well, I think that about does it. Thanks for hanging out, and I hope this helped..

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