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Blue Ox Adjustable Drop Hitch Receiver Adapter Review

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Review of the Blue Ox Adjustable Drop Hitch Receiver Adapter

Hey everybody, today we're gonna be going over the Blue Ox adjustable high-low adapter. So a high-low adapter is actually a crucial part of your flat tow setup. It's actually one part that's often overlooked. And what this is gonna do is, this is gonna level your tow bar. So there's all kinds of different motor homes out there, and there's all kinds of different tow vehicles out there. And they don't always sit at the same height.

So what we need to do, in order to determine what high-low adapter we need, we need to measure the distance from the ground, to the center of the receiver on the motor home. And then we need to measure the distance from the ground, to the center of the base plate kit on the vehicle. Now, the difference between those two measurements are gonna be what we need to look for in a high-low adapter. They can be within three inches of one another. If they're not, that's where the high-low adapter is required.

So a great example of why a high-low adapter is needed, comes here from this Ford Fiesta. So the Ford Fiesta is a very compact vehicle. It sits very low to the ground. Therefore our base plate height on the vehicle is gonna be very low. So most motor homes, this is gonna require a high-low adapter in order to get the tow bar within the manufacturer spec of three inches.

So what really sets us high-low adapter apart from all the other options on the market is, its adjustable. So having an adjustable high-low adapter it's gonna be a great thing for many reasons. Number one, if you have multiple vehicles that you flat tow you don't have to worry about keeping multiple high-low adapters, because most of them are a fixed height. This one we could easily just adjust for the height of our particular vehicle. Now, number two if you constantly change either motor homes or vehicles if you're constantly switching up your flat tow setup this is gonna come in handy again, because you're not gonna have to buy a new high-low adapter.

This one here will accommodate you within a certain range. And then speaking of range here, this particular high-low adapter is going to give us a drop-down to eight inches or we can actually invert this to give us a rise up to eight inches as well. So it's gonna give us an eight inch range for both the rise and drop. And then last but not least, another reason you might be interested in an adjustable high-low adapter, is that if you're planning your parts for a flat tow setup, you may not necessarily know what vehicle you're gonna be using or motor home you're gonna be using, you can buy this. You can confidently know this is gonna have the range to allow your tow bar to remain level. Now to adjust our height, it's very easy. We're just gonna pull out these pins here on either of the clips. So these are kind of spring loaded, be careful. And then you're gonna remove one clip here. Now you're gonna be careful when you're removing this bottom clip, because once you remove that, this can actually fall. So make sure you grab a hold of this, and then we can just slide this up or down depending on our specific rise/drop needs. So we have several different adjustment holes here and these are gonna allow you to adjust the height in one inch increments. So just go ahead, pick the height for your particular motor home and vehicle, reinstall your pins here. You do need to make sure that the nose on the pin is facing out, should be pretty self-explanatory and then they're actually just gonna spring close, like you can see there. So one thing you will notice when you're playing with the receiver tube and you're adjusting it on this vertical shank here is that there's quite a bit of play here, but you don't have to deal with that for long because in your kit you're gonna get an Allen key. And there's actually a nice little set screw on the side of there. And if we just tighten that down, nice and good here that's gonna snug up this connection. It's gonna take a lot of that play out of the equation. So the weight capacity of our high-low adapter here is a pretty impressive ten thousand pounds. So you're really not gonna have any issues maxing this out no matter what vehicle you have. Most of them that can be flat towed are under this range. So if you have the highest rated tow bar possible you're gonna want high-low adapter that can accommodate that, and that's where this is going to come into play. Now keep in mind we can only recommend using this for flat towing a vehicle which is what the manufacturer specifies. Now in regards to what's actually included here, with the high-low adapter, we're gonna get everything that's pictured. We're gonna get the shank here, the receiver, our two pins that secure the receiver to the shank. And then we're gonna get a hitch pin that secures us to the trailer hitch on the motor home. The pin used here, it doesn't come with, but most of your tow bars are actually gonna come with one. So you don't really need to worry about buying anything extra. If you buy a tow bar in this high-low adapter it's gonna have everything you need to connect it. Now I will say some of those tow bars can be quite expensive and we wouldn't want someone coming up and stealing those off our vehicles. So if I we're you guys and I was gonna be leaving the motor home or I was gonna be leaving the tow bar on the motor home with the high-low adapter, I would probably replace all the standard hitch pins for locking hitch pins. We have plenty of those options here to choose from at etrailer. So in regards to the materials used here everything is gonna be a durable steel. And it also has a black powder coated finish which is gonna help protect that steel from rust and corrosion. Now with a high-low adapter here we're constantly gonna be banging this into other metal, whether that's the tow bar into the receiver, or the shank into the receiver on the motor home. So it is important that, that metal is gonna be protected because a lot of the times people just leave these outside on the motor home, even when they're not using it. And that's totally fine, but we would want to make sure that we have a durable finish there to protect everything. All our pins are gonna be zinc coated there, so you don't have to worry about those rusting either. So in regards to setup, it's super easy. It's pretty much gonna be no different than when we're just installing the tow bar into the receiver on the motor home there. And as you can see, our tow bar is now nice and level. And that's gonna do it today for our look at the Blue Ox adjustable high-low adapter..

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