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Blue Ox Avail Tow Bar Review

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Review of the Blue Ox Avail Tow Bar

Speaker 1: Today we're gonna be taking a look at the Blue Ox Avail motor home mount tow bar. With a 10,000 pound capacity, the part number is BX7420.Now, the Avail's designed to work in a two-inch by two-inch receiver tube. See we've got a 5/8 diameter pin, it's gonna come with it and that's gonna help secure it in place and hold it. Now, you can replace this with a locking hitch pin or anti-rattle device if you choose.Now, another big benefit you're gonna get with the Avail tow bar comes after you've reached your destination. With older style tow bars there's a tendency for them to bind. Essentially, what that means is if your RV isn't dead in line with the towed vehicle, the arms are gonna have a little bit of pressure on them one way or another.

Older styles, you just kind of have like a push-button release, there's even a whole lever arm that you had to buy to try to release those. With the non-binding levers that we have here, simply a matter of pushing them down until they release on both sides. That cam action allows for releasing even under pressure.Now when you're done using your tow bar you're gonna take it from the use position, you just want to raise it straight up just like this. You can see the pocket right here. As we tilt it down, that's gonna go around the rounded part right here, keeping it secure and preventing it from lowering.

As you can see, once you have it in that position you won't have to worry about it rotating down towards the ground.Now not only can this be stored towards the driver's side, but if you had something here that was gonna interfere, maybe it's a ladder, water tank, something like that, it can just as easily be stored the other direction. Now, a lot of people like to store their tow bar in the back of their motor home, also their safety chains, their wiring, your breakaway switch cable, just so you don't have to take it on and off every time. We've got a nice cover from Blue Ox, be able to slide that right over and keep everything out of the weather.Now to attach your tow bar to your vehicle you're just gonna rotate it out of the stored position and bring that straight back. Here's a good look at the difference between our arms when they're retracted. In the fully retracted position we're gonna have about 42 1/4 inches from the center of our pinhole to the end of our arm.

In the extended position we're gonna be at about 52 inches. That gives us about 10 inches of adjustability there to get the vehicle further away from the back of our coach.Now that's gonna do three things for us. Now the first thing that's gonna do is extend the reach. So we're not gonna have to pull our towed vehicle quite as close to the back of our motor home. The second thing it does is adds maneuverability to our setup.

The further away from the rear of the coach the car is, the more we're gonna be able to turn that coach for maneuvering. But I think one of the most important things is the way the car acts as it travels down the road. Since this is one of the longer tow bar setups, it gets our vehicle further away from the back of the RV, and that eliminates some of that side-to-side shifting we get on the front end of our vehicle. So by having the longer tow bar we're gonna have an easier time towing our vehicle, we're not gonna have to worry about getting it near as close to hook up, and it's gonna ride smoother behind the coach. So a lot of benefits there, just having those longer arms available.Now to hook up to the vehicle, we want to take our clip off, pull our pin, now the pin and clip will be provided for both sides, so makes a really nice connection point. At that point we'll need to separate our arm and extend it to get it connected to the front of the vehicle. Now at the end of the arm we'll just want to make sure that the up arrow is pointing upward, we'll align that with the tabs on our plate, and secure it with our pin. We'll do the same thing for the passenger side as well.Now our base plate's also gonna come with a coiled cable set. This provides the attachment point from the towed vehicle to the back of the coach in the event of a separation. They've really provided nice cables. You can see how they're meant to expand and contract. So we can get the length we need out of the cables without having too much or having to buy a couple different ones to try to get the appropriate length. You see our chains will connect very easily, and they're gonna have keepers to hold them in place. We won't have to worry about them coming loose unless we want them to. We'll then be able to connect that to the back of our motor home and as you can see, we've got the expansion and contraction. So as we make our corners and things like that it's gonna expand. As we turn the other way it's gonna contract, so we never have to worry about these going down and making contact with the ground.Now the Avail tow bar is designed to work with base plates that have an arm width up to 38 inches. So that's gonna cover just about all of the Blue Ox base plates out there. It's also gonna work with Roadmaster tow bars, you'll just need part number RM-033 to adapt the ends of our arms to a Roadmaster style adapter.Now the tow bar's gonna offer us a 10,000 pound capacity. That's gonna cover most of the vehicles you'll be flat towing behind your RV. And to stand up against the elements, the heavy duty steel has a nice bronze powder coat finish to it. Also to ensure a long-lasting product that's gonna work very well, the arms, which typically would be exposed to the dirt, the moisture, the grime, have a boot placed over them. As you can see, of course, that's gonna expand and contract with our arm length, it's gonna prevent any of that grime from getting inside, causing issues with sliding those in and out.Now once you're connected to the vehicle you intend to tow, it offers a self-aligning design. So basically we just need to pull forward with our RV, make a slight left, then a slight right turn to allow our arms to extend, and they're gonna lock in position. And that's gonna complete our look at the Blue Ox Avail, part number BX7420.

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