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Brake Buddy Select 3 Portable Supplemental Braking System Review

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Review of the Brake Buddy Select 3 Portable Supplemental Braking System

Hey everybody, Ryan here at etrailer, today we're gonna be checking out, the Brake Buddy Select Three, portable braking system. So whenever it comes to braking systems or really just flat tow setups in general, things can get a little confusing, there's a lot going on there and, it can be a little overwhelming and that really holds true, if you're new to it or been around for a while, flat towing your vehicle behind your RV. So if it we're me, and I was looking for a braking system, I would want something that you could depend on. You know, it's reliable, easy to use and easy to set up. And the select three, is going to kinda check all of those boxes. Now with this being a portable type system, what that means is, you're going to have to place it inside of the vehicle, whenever you're ready to flat tow.

And when you're done with it, you can remove it. That's really convenient, especially if you're someone that doesn't flat tow all the time, or maybe you change vehicles a lot. But on the same note, even if you do flat tow every weekend or quite often, this is a really simplified setup. And so it's not really a big deal to have to do that. As far as setting this up goes, pretty easy.

Every vehicle is gonna be a little bit different, but it's lightweight so it's easy to handle. All we're gonna have to do is we're gonna have a plug in the front here, it's gonna come included, with the appropriate connector, we'll get that in. This is gonna clamp around your brake pedal. And then, this is going to plug in to the dashboard. It fits in here pretty well.

And, the way it's gonna work is whenever you apply the brakes in your motor home, the Brake Buddy is gonna sense it, and apply the brake pedal. Now, as far as what's happening back here, we do have a screen and some settings that we can adjust, and it's just kind of telling you what's going on and everything else, but we're also gonna have the capability to do that in a motor home, which is what myself and a lot of other customers prefer to do anyway. But it's nice to have that option back here as well. Something that is really nice about this setup, is the fact that you can use it as a proportional type braking system, and that's just really gonna help make your driving experience a little bit better and your stopping power a little more predictable. So what proportional means is, however hard you apply the brakes in the motor home, it's going to match that back in your towed vehicle, and the truck okay.

So to kind of give you an example elaborate on how that's gonna work, let's say for maybe, you know kind of rolling up to the stoplight. So we're, halfway on the brake pedal a little bit. The braking systems gonna apply the brake in the Ranger at the same rate. On the other hand, let's say if we're on the interstate, and maybe there's an accident up ahead or something like that, an emergency, and we really have to stand on that brake pedal and come to a fast stop. The Ranger's got to do the same thing. So overall, kind of gives you a little more confidence whenever you're going down the road. One nice feature too is that, this system gives us the ability to change over to full braking power as well. And what's gonna happen if you use that, is no matter how hard you hit the brake in the motor home whether it be lightly or pushed all the way down, it's going to apply the Ranger's brakes at full power. A couple of scenarios I could think of where you would may want to use that is maybe if you're towing in very hilly terrain, where it's a lot of ups and downs, and you want that power at all times to help kind of keep that truck behind your motor home, or, maybe you have a relatively small motor home on a a decent sized pickup that might be another case or, maybe just personal preference, everyone's a little bit different what you're comfortable with. Maybe you've experienced that in the past and that's kind of what you like and are used to. So, it's just really nice, even if you don't use it, it's really nice to have it and not need it, than the other way around. And it's super easy to change, all we have to do is more or less push a button on the remote, here inside the motor home. So with that said, why don't we check the remote out. And pretty simple stuff here. All right so I talked about that breaking mode. So you can see it there if you push a button around proportional if you do wanna change it to full, just change it to full, that's really all there is to it. We're gonna be able to adjust the breaking sensitivity. So, seven being extremely sensitive, one being the least sensitive. What I like to do is start somewhere in the middle three or four, kind of drive it around if you feel like the, breaking power is too aggressive or something like that, you can always dial it down a little bit. If it's not coming on strong enough, turn it up. So, kind of have to play with it and find that sweet spot. But, it's easy enough to do. Up here, we're gonna have some information too, whenever we are breaking. Not granted we're not moving now but whenever you are driving and towing, and hit the brakes this will eliminate kind of telling you, "Hey, we got some braking power going on, in the vehicle." And then of course there's more and more thing here called the breakaway emergency. So if the breakaway pan is pulled, so in the event of an unlikely disconnect, what's gonna happen is, the braking system in the truck, is going to turn on, I'll bring it to a stop. And this will alert you up here, that, "Hey, you had a disconnect if you didn't already figure that out." So I did mention that breakaway switch and so I just kind of wanted to touch base on it a little bit, really simple. This is it right here, and what you would do every time you hook up you need to take the tether, put it around that pin ring, and hook the other end of this tether up to the hitch on your motor home. So, if you we're to come separated, very unlikely but things do happen. What would happen is this pin would get pulled out and activate the braking system. So now actually checking out the braking system and talking about it, that's one thing, but how you actually got to live with it, how it's gonna work for your particular setup is a whole another story. So I figured what better way to kind of get a feel for it, and to hook up our flat tow, turn on our braking system, and kind of just cruise around in our motor home and see if you can, feel that breaking system working. So with that said, we're ready to roll here. And we're just gonna kind of cruise around, see if our braking action is nice and smooth and everything else. So we'll kind of get up to clearing here where we can pick up a little bit of speed and actually kind of put this to the test Coming up here we have a small straightaway where I can pick up some speed, not granted keep in mind, I won't be able to get up to highway speeds or anything like that but, usually the slower you're going the more weight you kind of feel behind you so, let me pick up some momentum here. Once I hit the break, comes to a great stop actually, I could actually kind of feel when that breaking system activated. The motor home was kind of struggling we have a relatively large vehicle and, somewhat small motor home, and I felt the motor home kind of struggle a little bit, out of the corner of my eyes seen our indicator light come on and I felt that braking power so, it is working and it is helping to slow us down. Once I felt that, that break kick on, it came to a much better stop. You could really kind of feel it start to slow down, but that said too, we have a ton of different modes where we can adjust and kind of fine tune that to how we like it. So that's always a great option you can kind of play around with it too and make sure, it's stopping exactly how you want. So there are several different types of portable braking systems. And so I figured I would grab one, and that way we can kind of compare it. And this is one I'm very familiar with. This is the Blue Ox Patriot 3, very similar to the Brake Buddy. I'm not gonna lie though I'm kind of partial to the Patriot 3 maybe because I've just had more experience with it but, generally speaking, it's a little bit smaller. It seems to kind of fit, and on the floorboard just a little bit better, you know every vehicle is a little different so, one may be a little better than the other, but just generally speaking and in my past experience with this one, little easier to set up, not that the Brake Buddy is complicated by any means but there is one or two less things you need to do. And, after being out on the road for a little bit, again I feel like this might just give us a little more of a smooth stop, again, not really huge deal but something that I just wanted to, to bring up. But aside from that, your systems are gonna be very similar, portable, simple, easy to use, and they're gonna get the job done. So, just something to think about, and whichever system that, peaks your interest definitely check it out. So something I am happy to see and something that was well thought out, since, pretty much every breaking system regardless how much one you have is gonna use your towed vehicles battery power, it's critical that your battery stay in good working order. You know what I mean Not only to keep your braking system going but, you also don't wanna get to your destination and your towed vehicle battery be flat. And so the Brake Buddy comes included with a battery charger. So that way, you hook it up in a way to where the motor home, 12 volt auxiliary power, will actually essentially kind of trickle charge or maintain your towed vehicles battery. So you'll be confident knowing, the battery will be topped off in your towed vehicle. It's going to provide your braking system, with the appropriate amount of power for that to operate. And you know, when you get to where you're going, you'll have the confidence to unhook and know your vehicle start, and you can go out and enjoy yourself. So with this braking system, it's pretty much gonna work with just about any towed vehicle, and any type of motor home. And that's not something you see with every braking system. Some of them are designed to work with motor homes that only have air brakes. Some are designed to work with motor homes that only have hydraulic brakes. Some are designed to work with vehicles that are just standard gasoline or diesel engines. And that's not the case with this Brake Buddy it's gonna work with all of those. So whether your motor home has air brakes or hydraulic brakes, it's gonna work, whether your vehicle is a gas vehicle, diesel, even hybrid vehicles for that matter, the braking system is gonna work like it should. So super convenient, you can pick the system up and be positive that it's gonna work with your particular flat tow setup. And that'll finish up our look at of the Brake Buddy Select Three, portable braking system..

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