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LaSalle Bristol RV Black Water Waste Valve Body Review and Installation

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Review and How to Install the LaSalle Bristol RV Black Water Waste Valve Body

Hi there our viewers. Today, we're going to be taking a look at Bristol's replacement waste valve. This waste valve from Bristol is going to make a great replacement for an existing waste valve that you have that's currently leaking. It'll easily attach because it's your standard three inch diameter opening on the inside for our valve. And it comes with new hardware. So you can ensure you can get it mounted up.

It also comes with brand new seals as that's likely the fail point of your original one was the seal started leaking. You can see here, our original seal it had a little crack in it right there where we're causing a little bit of a leak. You'll get new seals, just like this, one for each side. We've got our old valve right there and you can see all the crud and buildup that's happened on the door that slides when you open and close it.This buildup here will eventually start causing leaks on the internal seal, which will allow fluids to pass by your door, going down towards where you would hook up your drain tube. While you're here, fixing your waste valve.

It's a good time to think about what caused it to fail. We showed you where there was built up on our door and that's the most likely cause of the failure. So to prevent that, keeping your tank clean on the inside will help keep that buildup from building up on your valves. To keep everything clean on the inside and prevent this buildup of gunk. I recommend Camco's Tornado.

It installs on the inside of your black water tank and has a kind of like a sprinkler system that squirts around cleaning everything off. So all that gunk gets washed out.So the more often you clean out your black water tank, the less likely you are to have buildup on your waste valves. Our waste valves are constructed of an ABS plastic, which is going to be a high temperature, extra durable plastic. It features easy to open waste valve door and you can feel that the seals in there are quite tight. So we're not going to have that seat by with these new ones that we did with our old ones.

Now, in terms of RV maintenance, this is one of the easiest things that you could easily do at home with just a couple of wrenches. Let's go over that installation now. So you can have the confidence to do it by yourself.We'll begin our installation by locating our waste valve. You'll typically find it where you have your drainage valve for your gray water tank. You can see that we've got one here but you also want to follow your plumbing and check to see if you have any more. As you can see here, we've got one here for our gray water tank and we have one over here as well. We're going to be replacing these two as they have slight leaks in them. This one here is already fresh and good to go. Now that we've located out where our valves are before we take them off and we're put our new valves on. We want to make sure our tank is completely empty. So you want to go to your local dump station and empty out your tanks first. We'll now start removing them. We'll remove the hardware, there's four bolts that hold it on. You're going to use an 11 millimeter wrench and socket or we're going to be using a ratchet wrench for one of ours.So we're going to take all these loose and I'm going to leave the bottom one till last, since this one's pretty easy to get to. I always recommend you leave one of the easier ones to get to till the end. Now our hardware did require 11 millimeter on both sides for the nut and the bolt. Yours may be slightly different. So you'll want to just verify that on your end but more than likely it's going to be that size. Now that we've got the hardware removed, we can take our valve out of there. I recommend you put some gloves on at this point because even though you've drained your tank, there's always going to be a little bit of residual in there. I also recommend that you place a towel or bucket or something down to catch any of that. Now it's not going to be a lot that's going to come out of there but you don't want to get any of it on anything. We'll slide the collar back on one side and then we can gently separate for two pipes and slide our valve out.If your seals we're left behind, you want to pull those out as well. We'll now take our new waste valve and we're going to put it into position. So spread them apart. Slide your valve in place, lining up both of your pipes until it engages making sure not to move the seals that are pre-installed on your new waste valve. Once you've got it clicked in, you can use the new hardware that comes in it, slide it through, place the flange nut on the opposite side. We'll do this for the three remaining holes. The new collars that are on here in the pipe, those are all part of your plumbing. So none of that's going to come with your valve. You just get the valve. You have to reuse all your old plumbing.If you we're planning on adding a valve, you would need to make sure that you purchase the appropriate plumbing for your valve to attach to. We can now go back and tighten it down. Using an 11 millimeter socket and wrench. You want to work your way around tightening each one, watching as the flanges draw flush because it's important not to over tighten it as it is just made of plastic. Most of your pipes and stuff are, your flange.So we're just going to work them all until it's flush. After we've got it run down towards flush all the way around. We're just going to go back and snug it just a little bit more, but again, not too tight because you don't want to break it. So just, just to where you feel a little bit of pressure on it, I'm not doing it real hard. Just kind of feeling with the fingers there and then we'll do that to each one. And that completes our look at Bristol's replacement waste valve..

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