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Brophy Truck and Trailer Winch Tie-Down Strap Review

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Review of the Brophy Truck and Trailer Winch Tie-Down Strap

What's up everybody. It's AJ with Today we're gonna be checking out the Brophy straps for trailer or shock winches. And it's going to be good for tying down your load and making sure it doesn't go anywhere while you're going down the road. Now, these are going to have one side with the double J hook and it's got attached on the other side. Let's check them out.

On this side you can see the double J hook attachment I was talking about. Now we're using it in combination with a D-ring stake pocket attachment. So this is in place here, and that's going to give that double J hook something to attach to. Now, you can't get another kind of strap that you wouldn't need this for. And that's going to be like a flat one.

So that's going to wrap around in the stake pocket and attach here. So those are other versions of these straps that you can get. This one, you definitely need that D-ring so they can pull it nice and tight. Now these straps are going to be 27 feet long and are maybe two inches wide. So just keep that in mind with whatever trailer you can use it with or whatever you're gonna try and strap down.

You want to make sure you get the right ones for the right winch and the right trailer. You also want to know how heavy duty straps you actually need. So these are going to have a safe working load limit of 3,333 pounds, and that's going to be for each strap. So we always recommend combining two straps or whatever you're tying down. So you can double up that safe working load limit and producing two straps.

Now they also have a break strength of 10,000 pounds as well. You can see it's got the double stitching down in the middle, so that's going to help hold it together. And then it's also got the webbing all the way through. So it's kind of like a heavy-duty seatbelt. So, you know, those aren't easy to rip or tear. So this is going to hold up. It's also got a coating on there just to help protect it from the elements. So if you do leave it out, the rain, stuff, aren't going to bother it and deteriorate very fast. They're really easy to get set up and get your cargo strap down, check out how we did it. So I'm going to look at the strap here. You see there's gonna be two different sides on there. You've got the dotted lines on that side and nothing on that side. That's going to help you when you go to those over there and make sure you can see if it's tangled or not just by looking and seeing which side it's on. I'm going to throw the hook over the other side first, just like that. Over here on this side we're just gonna put the double J hook there on the D-ring, that way it has something to pull against. We got to tighten this down. Back on original side with our winch. I'm going to feed the strap with the dotted side down. Through the center here, just get it angled right side through. I'm going to pull out that slack. And something we're gonna do is we're gonna just gonna take the extra of the strap and put it underneath the main strap. We're going to tighten down. That's just going to help hold that extra in place. And there's going to be less the tie down on the other side. Now we've got to do is tighten it up. So I'm just going to do that with our winch here. Looks good right there. And with that, you can tie up the extra on itself. Like I did right here, or you can get a tether bone or since strap, but either way you want to get it nice and tidy up. So it's not flopping around while you're driving down the road. Overall, I think these straps are going to be great. I have complete confidence in them that they're going to hold this down. I'm going down the road. Not worried about it at all. Well, thanks for hanging out. And I hope this helps..

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