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Bulldog Heavy-Duty Cast Head Coupler Review

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Review of a Bulldog Heavy-Duty Cast Head Coupler

Ryan: How's it going Ryan here at Today we're going to be taking a look at the line of bulldog heavy-duty cast head couplers with a wedge latch. This is going to be a great heavy-duty replacement option for you especially if your old one like we have here is rusty, bent, or even broken. Now, what I really like about this one is the fact that it has pre-drilled holes in it and that's going to allow us to bolt it on which can make life a lot easier because most of us don't either have the equipment or the know-how to actually weld a new coupler on your trailer. Now, one of the things I really like is the latch mechanism. It's really easy to use and sweet to operate.

You simply just pull your pin out and it's going to stay locked in the closed position.We're going to have a trigger down here and when we lift that up, we're able to raise a latch into the open position. There's going to be a hole here too so to keep it open, you can just take our pin and reinsert it. So to give you an example, whenever we pull back our wedge, that's going to open up, allow us to get our ball in so when we close it, that wedge is going to hold that ball in place. Now, the only thing I would really change about this is the fact that it does not come included with any hardware. But other than that, it's very simple to install.Speaking of which let's go ahead and put it all together now.

To begin your install, you're going to want to properly support the front of your trailer using some suitable jack stands because we're actually going to have to remove our jack. Our jack is going to be held in place with three bolts and so what I'm going to do is take a nine 16 inch wrench, put on the bottom side to prevent the nut from spinning and remove each bolt. Once we have all the bolts removed and simply slide it out and set it off to the side. Now, at this point, we can go ahead and remove the coupler itself. Now this is going to be held in place by five bolts on each side.

So again, I'll use my wrench to hold the nut on the backside and we can take all the bolts out.Once all these are out on one side, we'll just repeat that same process on the other side. With all the hardware removed now we can just lift our coupler off and set it to the side. I went ahead and used a wire brush just to kind of clean up our surface here and in our case, since our trailer frame is made from aluminum and the coupler made from cast and I'm going to do is just put a little layer of anti-seize on our surface, just to help prevent any corrosion. We can take our new coupler, set it in place and put our bolts back through. Now I'm using some new hardware, which I would recommend, however, it is sold separately.Now I'm only going to put the back four in on each side for now because this hole is where I'm going to attach our safety chains.

Now with the back four bolts in place on each side, we can go ahead and snug all of our hardware down. Now to attach our safety chains, what I'm going to do is take the end of our chain, a bolt with a flat washer on it, push it through and on the other side, let's take another flat washer, run that through. Then we can simply just put it through that last hole and secure it on the backside. Once we have a hand tight, you can then go ahead and snug it down. Let me go ahead and repeat that process on the other side. Now we can go ahead and torque all of our hardware down.Once everything is torqued, you can go ahead and drop your jack back through. Rinse all the hardware and tighten everything back down and that'll finish up our look at of the line of bulldog heavy-duty cast head couplers with the wedge latch..

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