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Bulldog Round A-Frame Jack with Caster Review

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Review of the Bulldog Round A-Frame Jack with Caster

Speaker 1: Today we're going to be taking a look at the Bulldog Round A-Frame Jack with caster. This is a top-wind jack. Part number is BD155300.This A-frame trailer jack has a 1000-lb. lift capacity. Customers will like that it includes a caster. The caster's going to make it easier to maneuver your trailer.

The caster is removable for while you're on the road.Customers wonder what the difference is between a top-wind and a side-wind jack is. It's really just a clearance issue. You want to be sure and choose which one works best for your application.The crank has an 8-inch radius. You'll need at least that much for clearance. At its lowest height, it offers 12 inches of lift.

At its highest point, it has 27 inches of lift. That gives you 15 inches of adjustability. It measures 19 inches from the plate to the top of the jack.It's a dependable jack that is recognized as industry standard by the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers. That means it's been tested to high standards for agricultural and commercial use.E-Trailer experts are recommending this jack for use on pop-up campers, smaller traditional campers, and boat trailers as well as utility trailers. Customers on our site are comparing this jack to the Dutton-Lainson A-frame trailer jack, part number DL22530.

They both have 1000-lb. weight capacity with a 15-inch lift. The Dutton-Lainson, however, is a side-wind jack and offers a natural metal look with a zinc plating for corrosion resistance. The Bulldog jack has a gray-painted finish, so you may want to avoid saltwater applications. The Bulldog also includes a caster, whereas the Dutton-Lainson does not.Now that we've gone over the features, I'll go ahead and show you how to get it installed.

I've already gone ahead and removed my trailer's old jack. You want to be sure and support your trailer's A-frame with a floor jack or your vehicle's hitch. Now, it doesn't come with any hardware, so you will have to provide your own. To make it easier, you can just reuse your old hardware.First step is to remove our caster, so we'll remove the pin and then it just slides right off. Now let's go ahead and install it. It's a standard A-frame design, so it should line up with your existing holes. Perfect. Then we can take our hardware. I'm going to loosely install all the bolts, and then I'll tighten them down. Now we can reinstall our caster, and then we're all set. Once it's all the way down, it raises up, and remove our floor jack.That's going to complete our look at the Bulldog round A-frame jack with caster, part number BD155300.