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Bulldog Sidewind Round A-Frame Jack Review

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Review of the Bulldog Sidewind Round A-Frame Jack

Today we're going to take a look at the Bulldog Round A-Frame Style Jack. This is a bolt-on jack, Part Number BD1700100317. Now, this is a side-wind jack, which means the crank handle here will be on the side of the jack. We'll go ahead and take our jack, drop it down to our A-frame, and line up the attachment points. The side-wind will generally face the front of the trailer. Once we have it lined up, we can take the bolts that are supplied with the trailer or we're removed with the old jack and we'll go ahead and just get them started finger-tight. Just go ahead and run them down.

Now just that quickly, we've gone ahead and installed the new jack and tightened it down. Next we'll go ahead and throw on the Bulldog Detachable Foot Plate, Part Number BD018564. As you can see, the foot plate comes with a pinning clip. We'll go ahead and remove that pinning clip, take the pre-drilled holes in the foot plate and line up with the pre-drilled holes here in the bottom of the jack shaft. Then we'll reinstall the pinning clip, and like that, our new Bulldog Side-Wind Jack is in place. Now, when installing a new jack, here's a couple of measurements you'll want to go through. From the mounting height of the jack plate to the top of the jack is fourteen and three quarter inches.

The jack handle radius is six and three quarter inches. Now, when fully extended, we're going to get fifteen inches of height. Now, with our jack fully retracted, from the bottom of the mounting plate to the bottom of our foot plate is nine inches. This will allow you ground clearance from the bottom of the foot plate to the ground. The total jack length when fully extended is twenty-three and five eights inches, with an outer tube diameter of about two inches, with an inner tube diameter is one and three quarters of an inch. Our Bulldog Side-Wind Jack has a five thousand pound lift capacity, with a limited five-year warranty. That'll cover the Bulldog Round A-Frame Jack with the side-wide handle, Part Number BD1700100317. .

Wayne J.


Bought this jack to replace the original that did not raise high enough and got bent. Works great with the new foot and easily lifts the trailer tongue off of the hitch and retracts close enough to the frame that it does not catch on the curb (before adding helper springs to my half ton PU). Very pleased with the product and the ease of mounting.

Etrailer Expert

Chris R.