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Bulldog Winch Water Dispenser with Mounting Kit Review

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Review of the Bulldog Winch Water Dispenser with Mounting Kit

Today, we're gonna take a look at the Bulldog Winch water dispenser with mounting kit.Part number BDW80055-56. Our water dispenser from Bulldog Winch is gonna be a really handy thing to have, whether we're at a campsite, tailgating, or at a construction site.Now, the thing that's gonna set this water dispenser apart from others that you typically see out there is gonna be the extra thick walls and lid. That's gonna just kep our water cool insider our water dispenser. You can also use this as a small cooler if you'd like to as well.The walls and the lid of our water dispenser are gonna have a polyurethane foam, so that's gonna keep it really well insulated to kep our water and ice nice and cold, even on hot days.And, there's also a thick, durable gasket that goes all the way around the opening to keep out any hot air, to keep everything nice and cool.A common problem with a lot of water dispensers, is that getting that last bit of water out can be a little difficult. You have to tip it up to get the water to flow, but this has been designed so that spout hole is gonna sit nice and low, so we shouldn't have that problem.And that spout does look rather high on our water dispenser, but if you look underneath, you'll notice that it does have a recessed bottom, so that spout is actually gonna be right at the bottom of where the water's going to sit.Another thing I like about the way this is designed, is that since it sits at this point, we don't have to worry about it scraping against the ground. And, it sits inside this little pocket.

That just makes it harder for that to get broken off as we're transporting it or putting it in and out of our truck.When it's time to keep it securely closed, we have these nice, oversized latches that are gonna hols really securely, but they also give you a couple different options on how to hold onto those. You can either kinda come over the top and flip it up from underneath, or use the little circle in there to pull it up like that. So, it just gives you some different hand holds to make that a little bit easier and more comfortable.The hinge has a steel rod running through it to add a little bit of extra stability and security. Now, you'll notice that there's a red button up top. It's not a self-destruct button, but it does allow you to release the pressure on the inside.

A lot of times, whenever we have ice and stuff in here, the air will actually compress a little bit as it gets cold, and that'll make our lid harder to open, since it creates a vacuum.By pressing the button, that's gonna equalize that pressure, and allow us to open the lid easily.On the side, we'll have our nice strap handle with a rubber grip, so we can transport that in and out of our truck.We also have a nice indention on the undersides so you can grab it from there. There's gonna be a little hole in that channel, so you can get a bungee in place. You can either run that under, and just twist it into position, or come over the top. Whatever you need to get that secured down.This is also a good spot if you have straps, like a cambuckle 00:02:57 strap like I have here. Just run that through.

And then, you can cinch it down to keep it secure.Both corner on the front of our water dispenser will have a little notch and a hole so we can actually lock that in place. Now, a nice lock that you can pick up for that is that bolt lock. This is sold separately, but I can be keyed alike to your ignition key to make it a little easier to get in and outta there without having a bunch of extra keys.It just offers a metal bracket that you can attach your water dispenser, too. It comes with two canbuckle 00:03:27 straps, along with hardware to mount that up. And, you can pretty much put this anywhere that has a flat surface, just as long as you have enough purchased 00:03:39 to get that secured down.It also has a steel cable that you can run through the front there, and then, attach to the lock on the corner of your dispenser to keep everything nice and secure.We'll have several different mounting locations on that bracket, so we can get that hardware in there, and you can attach those to a trailer, to the side rails on your truck; anywhere that this is gonna sit nice and flat.With that cable, you just run that through itself, using the large hole in front of that bracket.

There is one on either side, so you can secure it with a lock to keep your water dispenser from disappearing on you.Keep in mind that the lock is not included with our bracket. Our bracket also comes with some little rubber grommets to protect our strap from getting frayed over time.On the front, we also have a steel rod running through both our latch straps, to give you that extra stability and durability. They've also added a little bottle opener on the side of our water dispenser, so if you decide to use it as a cooler, that's an added bonus.Now, let's talk about some numbers for your water dispenser. The exterior is going to measure 14 and 7/8" long, by 13 1/8" wide, by 17 1/2" tall. The interior dimensions are gonna be 12 3/8" long by 8 7/8" wide and 12 1/8" tall.Keep in mind, with this water dispenser, it is intended to be used with cold beverages. So, you wouldn't wanna put anything really piping hot in there, as it might cause damage to your water dispenser.And that's what I did for a look at the Bulldog Winch water dispenser with mounting kit, part number BDW80055-56.

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