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BulletProof Hitches Adjustable Ball Mounts Hitch Step Review

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Review of the BulletProof Hitches Adjustable Ball Mounts Hitch Step

What's up everybody. It's AJ with Today, we're checking out the hitch step attachment for our Bulletproof hitch ball mount. It's going to be a good option as a step. If you need to get in the back of your truck, for any reason, you don't want to use your bumper, maybe you've got a ladder rack, you need to reach something up there. It's just a good add on attachment, so you don't have to constantly swap this out with something else.

They make the hitch steps that are sold separately and you can get those and those are great, but you don't want to constantly move things in and out. You can just add this step, pull these pins, get rid of it when you don't need it. Let's check it out. Now I mentioned in the beginning, there are a few different ways to get a hitch step in your hitch. This one, for example, requires you to have already the Bulletproof hitch mounted and ball mount, So you can just kind of add this on, in addition to the ball down here.

So this is one of the few ones that actually allows you to do that. Other ones would be straight up hitch steps that go right in the hitch and kind of like I said, in the beginning, you have to swap that out if you want to use the ball and this one's going to be a little bit different because it does. Ours doesn't have the extreme drop that you would need to use them at the same time, but just, we want to give you a visual. The ball could stay right here. You're going to add that step on there when you need that and you just remove this and throw this in the back of the truck, when you're not using it, the whole thing's gonna be made out of a black powder coat steel.

So it's going to have a little bit of grip with that texture on there, not to mention the diamond cutouts here will also help with your boots or your shoes, and you put them up there, give them something to grab onto. Now it might not work so great and the mud or the water, but it's definitely better than just trying to bounce on the ball down here with one foot. This gives you good footing for both feet up here. That way you can reach up to whatever you need to, whether it's a ladder rack or just getting in the back of the truck and it also comes with the stainless steel pins here that are gonna hold the step in place. Now they only have the pins and the clips.

So if you we're thinking about getting it and leaving it on for set amount of time, maybe you have the other ball now that has a bigger drop, so you can kind of use this and the trailer at the same time, you'd have to get the locking hitch pin separately and see on there, it's going to be what keeps this ball mount in place. But with the step you don't really need it on there all the time when you're traveling the unit. So it's just easy to pull these clips and these pins and throw it in the back of the truck when you're not using it. I've hopped up on the step here just to show you how comfortable it is. I got both feet on here, no problems at all. Right now, you can kind of adjust for, if you're going to be up here for a while. You'd probably want most of your heel on the step just to balance it out. If you need a height adjustment or something, let's say you're reaching for that ladder on top of the ladder rack. You can go just on your toes. There's plenty of room for both feet on here. I can see that I'm watching, my eyes are still on here, but I can still step around and move, just to get those adjustments, so that's the other thing I look for, like in those other steps, if you can only get like one foot on there and you're kind of doing this, that's what you be trying to do on that ball. If you weren't using the step, are there other steps that aren't as wide. This gives you a little bit more room to kind of walk around and go where you need to go when you're using the step. Now let's get some specific measurements, see exactly how much room you got. So from side to side, it's gonna be 10 inches, and then from front to back, it's going to be 6 inches. So that's how much room you have to work with just so you can keep in mind what you need for the application when you use it for. Overall, I think it's a really good thing to have, especially if you're already have the Bulletproof hitch ball mount. If you're looking for accessories for it, you just want that step to use every once in a while and not something you want to leave in there all the time, but it's a great addition. I like adding this piece here and putting these pins and clips in, rather than taking the whole assembly out to put the step in to get to whatever you need to reach to. This is a far easier way of doing that and they've really simplified it, it just has a couple of pins and clips. Well, I think that does it. Thanks for hanging out and I hope this helped..

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