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BullRing E-Track Ratchet Straps Review

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Review of the BullRing E-Track Ratchet Straps

What's up, everybody It's AJ with Today we're gonna be checking out these BullRing Ratchet Straps that work with your E-tracks. Let's check 'em out. These are gonna be ratchet straps that are specifically made to go into your E-track. You can see the attachment here. And help you tie down whatever you have in your trailer, to keep it put.

So we have a generator here strapped down with two of the straps. And you can see, it's not going anywhere. Taking a closer look at the strap, it's gonna be two inches wide and 12 feet long. It's got polyester webbing in there, so it's gonna hold up. It's got that extra stitching where, if it even frays a little bit, it's not gonna completely just rip in half on you.

Something else I like is it's got this reinforced stitching here at the point where it attaches to the E-track. So all that tension that gonna be pulling on here, you can see it's reinforced. So it's not gonna rip or tear there. Taking a look at how it goes in the E-track, it's really simple. You just put one in in there, pull up on the latch, and it goes into place.

You see you can pull on it, it's not coming up out of there. And then to release it, pull up on this latch, and pops right out. With the strap run through the center, we're gonna pull that as tight as we can. That way we don't get too much strap bound up in the middle. Then we can pull down on this latch, get it into the ratcheting position there, pull tight once again, and then tighten it down.

And you see how quickly it tightens up. And that should be good right there. So we're gonna just take our extra and tie it up, and we're done. Now the straps themselves have a safe working low limit of 1,500 pounds, so that, just make sure that whatever you're tying down is underneath that, and it's a break strength of 4,500 pounds. Overall, I like that these ratchet straps go right into the E-track. That's what this enclosed trailer is all set up for. It keeps the generator in the center of the trailer too, so there's more room to walk around. The D-rings are spread out all over the place, so straps will be going from the sides to the center. Then you have to step over those. You keep whatever you want to tie down right here in the middle, and you know, I can shake the whole trailer with it strapped down, that it's gonna stay in place. Well, I think that does it. Thanks for hanging out. I hope this helped..

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