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BullRing S-Hook Ratchet Tie-Down Straps Review

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Review of the BullRing S-Hook Ratchet Tie-Down Straps

What's up everybody It's AJ with Today we're gonna be checking out these BullRing Ratchet Straps. They will work really well to tie down something in the back of your truck. Let's check it out. These ratchet straps are gonna be great for however you tie things down in the back of your truck. You see our generator's tied down.

It's not moving, so that's good. There's a lot of tension on those straps. They have a weight capacity of 500 pounds. And they also have a break strength of 1,500 pounds. So just keep that in mind of what you're tying down in the back of your truck.

Taking a closer look at the mechanism here, it's gonna have a rubberized handle, that won't heat up if it's out in the sun. So you don't have to worry about that. I like, even though it's a smaller mechanism, it is still easy to use. I don't have any issues getting in there to either loosen it or ratchet more tension on there. It was easy enough to do with one finger to push that and it wasn't dangerous.

Where sometimes you hit these and bring the tension off. Don't worry about it bouncing backer on you. It didn't do that. Here's the rubber coated S hooks here. You can see that with that coating on there, it's not gonna bother wherever you have it attached to.

So if you don't have the official, boring tie down loops or using your faster ones. Or if you're just hooking it up right to whatever you wanna strap down, it's not gonna scratch it. Take a look right underneath the S hook, you can see that it's got reinforced stitching here. And that's good because that's where a lot of the tension's gonna be on the strap when it's ratcheted really tight. So I like that that's reinforced, I don't have to worry about anything breaking. The strap itself is gonna be one inch wide and it's gonna be 15 feet long. I also like that the seatbelt like material isn't gonna damage whatever we're strapping down either. So we have it run through the handles here up top. I don't have to worry about it scraping up our generator. Overall, I really like these ratchet straps. They're definitely good to tie down your cargo in the back of the truck. Way better than other methods, like using just rope. Or bungee cords are pretty dangerous. People try and stretch 'em really far across there, as they sit out in the sun. That's dangerous. They're gonna snap or break. I'd rather use a ratchet strap cause I know that not only am I gonna put tension on the object and make sure it stays in place. But I know they're not gonna snap on me over time. Well, I think that does it. Thanks for hanging out and hope this helps..

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