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Buyers Products 7 Color Coded Terminal Trailer Wiring Junction Box Review

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Review of the Buyers Products 7 Color Coded Terminal Trailer Wiring Junction Box

Hi everyone. Adam with Today we're going to be taking a look at the Buyers Products seven pole trailer junction box. So this is going to be a really organized way to get all of your wiring from your seven pole of your vehicle tied up to the right function of the wiring of your trailer. This is going to do a couple of things, keep everything organized, keep it all dry because it does have a cap, but also a lot of the times we don't get trailers that configure with the standard seven pole color wiring. Luckily we lucked out and we can do basically color to color, but it's not always the case.

What's nice about this junction box is it is pre colored. Each stud is going to have the color and it does have stated green in text and also what that function will be on the other side.So it gives you a color cue and also a word cue to let you know how to wire this thing up. So when comparing this to some of the other junction boxes we carry at if you're starting from scratch, etrailer does make a kit that comes with a seven pole and a junction box and much more. Also we do have a Pollack brand that comes with a 10 function. So if you have a little bit more use for a couple more terminals here, definitely go ahead and grab one of those.It does look pretty difficult, but honestly it really isn't.

You just got to test your wires. So let's just go ahead and do all that together. So we're going to go ahead and check out our trailer's functions and you can either use a test box or just hook up your vehicle. So what we've got to do is I'm going to grab ground from my white wire here. You can also just ground it to the chassis of your trailer.

With my test box I'm going to be testing the right blinker. Ours is color to color, so brown should be the right one.So you can repeat that same exact process for all the wires. Just remember match it to function, not color. Now that we have all this wiring sorted out and we know every single wire and what it does, now we can go ahead and take our junction box. You kind of want to get an idea of where you want to mount it.

I think I'm going to mount it right here. You want to make sure you can get that cap on and you'll be able to tap in from the sides. Before we do all that, what we're going to do is I'm actually planning on using these two sides here to run our wires in and as you can see there's no holes.So in our kit that comes with the junction box we are going to get replacements that will have holes in them. So since I'm using these, I'm just going to take this out put it back in the box and these are going to eventually seat into the slot there. What I'm going to do to make it a little bit easier on myself. I'm actually going to fish these wires through first. So I'm going to to do the same exact thing for our wiring going to our trailer. Once that's done, I'm actually going to start with the wiring that comes from our vehicle and basically all we got to do is just put it into the slot like so. We're going to have to undo these screws right here. Take that off, put it in there.We might have to avoid these little brown plastic pieces here. That's going to be what's going to secure our lid into place. Then fasten it down. Once you think you're done, give it a good wiggle and make sure it's nice and tight. These ring terminals does not come with the kit. We do sell them here, so if you don't have any in your garage or anything, definitely go and pick those up whenever you grab one of these. Always make sure you've got a good connection and obviously have enough length to meet it to the right function.So I'm just going to put this nut on there pretty loosely just so it's not flopping around. I'm going to go ahead and put some ring terminals on all of our wires. For now I'm just going to match them up color for color on our junction box. So as you can see here, we just finished our vehicle wiring here and we're going to basically do the same exact thing for our trailer wiring. We're going to put this into place, but I got to undo these two screws first. Then we're going to go ahead, put those back, and screw them down evenly.So now we can just go ahead and put some ring terminals on all these wires and we're probably going to have to cut them and strip them back a little bit so they can fit into our junction box. So we've got all of our ring terminals on here and this side over here is going to be all of our trailer wiring. Over here is going to be from our vehicle. What we're going to do is as we put from our vehicle, all these wires have a specific function. So you don't necessarily need to go by the color because a lot of the times these trailer wirings aren't going to be color to color. So you could do it one at a time and test each and make sure that you're matching them up function by function. Let's take this nut off, place it on there.Tuck those wires away a little bit and put that nut back on. We are going to come through here with the tool to tighten these up. So now that everything is hooked up, now's a great time to test everything out and make sure everything's hooked up correctly. We're going to use the test box, but you can also just use your car. All right, so first we're going to start with our taillights.Our left turn signal, our brake lights, and our right turn signals. So now is going to be the time to mount it in its home. I want to angle it like so and we're going to run some cell tappers through this plate. One thing to note these cell tappers are not included with our kit. So once that's secured into place, give it a good wiggle, and make sure it doesn't go nowhere, and then we can go ahead and put our cap on. It doesn't really matter which way because these are going to line up regardless. Then we can take our screws and these we're included with our kit, slide on in there. Use the Phillips head tighten them down. Well everyone that's going to do it for our look at the Buyers Products seven pole trailer junction box.

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