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Buyers Combination Pintle Hook with Ball Review

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Review of the Buyers Combination Pintle Hook with Ball

What's up everybody it's AJ with Today, we're gonna be checking out the Buyer's Product pintle hook and ball mount combo. So this is gonna be great for whether you're using the pintle hook part for your lunette ring on your flatbed trailer, like we got set up today, or if you just wanna pop this up and use the ball for your regular trailer, you can do that without having to switch out the different mounts. Let's check it out. Let's take a closer look here at the pintle hook and ball combo. First, we're gonna cover the pintle hook. You can see how the lunette ring sits right there, in the groove as it should.

And then we have the top portion, this is gonna help keep it down. On the top, pull that pin out there. We pull this lever. Now it's got a little bit of a pull and then you can lift this up, and now you can use it in the ball mount position. So if we didn't have this trailer here and when that ring was gone, we'd keep this up and out of the way when we're using the ball mount.

While it's in this position, then used for ball mount. You can put the pin back in where it was, and that's gonna keep this part from coming back down. You see, I can't push it down now. Because that pin's in there. So when you're using it like this, you'd want to keep it up and out of the way.

Now, when you are ready to hook up, let's say you back up and load your trailer down like we did here, in lunette ring. And that's what you're actually pairing up. All you have to do is push this down into place, and it won't pop back up on you. Something I do want to point out, is what lunette rings this will fit. So to go from 2 1/2 inch to 3 inch diameter of the inner circle there.

So just keep that in mind, we're looking at your lunette ring in your trailer, and you're looking at this pintle hook. This is gonna come standard with a two inch ball. So it's gonna work for those two inch couplers on there. Now you can switch that out if you have different size trailers, you can remove this one and put your new one on there and toke it down. It's kind of a straight shank design. So it's just gonna go right in there. There's no rise or drop. Now you can get different ones on our website and they do have the rise and drop or the adjustability. That's good if you have a few different trailers, this one's good 'cause it's got the combo of the ball and the pintle hook. So you can use lunette rings or a trailer. So you got two of those two different trailers, It's not that big a deal, but if you have different height trailers that you tow with your truck and you want something adjustable, so you don't have to slide this out and put a different one in, those are available on our site as well. The whole thing's gonna be made out of a forged steel with a black powder coat on there. So don't have to worry about it rusting or corroding if you choose to leave it in the back of your hitch all the time. Now you got the chrome plated ball that's included with it. And then it's gonna have a gross towing weight of 12,000 pounds, and it's gonna have a gross tongue weight of 2,400 pounds. One thing that's not included though, is gonna be the hitch pin. So if you're gonna pick one up, I recommend getting the etrailer locking hitch pin off our website. It's gonna have a barrel lock on this side. That way, it's one of those things, you can just lock it up and when you're not around you don't have to worry about anybody messing with it, and they just go to the next one that doesn't have a lock on it instead. Overall, the leg's gonna be really helpful for you, especially if you have two trailers, one that's like a two inch coupler, another one to use a lunette ring. You're tired of switching out those ball mounts every time you went to go use that. this one you don't have to switch it out anymore and then make it quicker to set it up and get on your way. Well, that does it. Thanks for hanging out, and I hope this helped..

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