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Buyers Products Remote Switch LED Trailer Dome Light Review and Installation

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Review and How to Install the Buyers Products Remote Switch LED Trailer Dome Light

What's up everybody Adam here with etrailer. Today, we're going to be taking a look at the buyer's products. Round LED interior dome light. This is gonna be for your 12-Volt DC systems. And it's going to give us about 2200 lumens. So it is an extremely bright light.

There's a couple of different ones that you can get, you can get one that just wires into a switch. You can get one that has a toggle switch, or you can get a motion sensor light. So it all just depends on where you're putting it and what kind of applications you're going to do. So when it comes to the size of this from the diameter is about five and 1/8ths of an inch. And the mounting holes are going to be about four and 1/16 inches from center to center.

And other than that, pretty much this is just going to pull about 18 watts and 1.5 amps. There's about 36 diodes. You can kind of see them through the little lens here, and that's really gonna give us all of that lumens. And that's why it's really, really bright. It's kind of a white light.

So it's not really some of the soft white. So if you're going for a certain type of color for the feel of your trailer just be mindful. This isn't going to be a very homey feel. It's just going to give you a lot of bright white light. A lot of you are wondering why LEDs Well, I just think it's the smarter route because this will last literally 15 times or 50 times longer than just your standard incandescent bulbs.

They're gonna be more efficient, and there's no bulbs to replace. So it's definitely the right move just because they'll put less load on your system. and you'll just get more bang for your buck. So it'll last a lot longer. One thing I like about this, it doesn't just have the LEDs exposed. It does have a little lens there. So, it has a really nice clean look. It does have a white little trim around the outside, and that's the only color that this thing really comes in. Other than that, there's not a whole lot to it. It's just a really bright light. I was pretty impressed comparing it to a couple of the other lights that we have. This is the brightest one in etrailer as of right now. Right behind you, there's one more light that has a little switch. And as you can see, this isn't really as intense as some of the other lights. So you can kind of see the difference between that light and this light. It's definitely an upgrade from what we had before. Just because this is nothing. This is literally all the light that I need to be able to get all my gear and everything all set up. Not a whole lot else to go over besides the install. So you wanna see how we hook this thing up in our trailer, stick around we're gonna to show you. A couple of things we want to do to prepare, one we need to take this lens cover off to access our mounting holes. And one thing I like to do is prepare our wires. So we're gonna have a positive and negative lead. So we wanna do, let's get the wire out like that. Pull this out and twist these together and for the ground, I don't have a ground wire going to where our light's gonna go. So what I'm gonna do is just put a little circle terminal on the end. If you don't have some, we do here in etrailer. And then this is just going to go to the frame for the ground. And take your crimper tools and crimp it down. We'll make sure this is nice and solid. So give it a good tug make sure it's on there. This one is we're good. And then for the positive side, what I like to do is get some heat shrink butt connectors, just because they are the best connection that you'll get. Go keep all that water out. I like to put these on before, just 'cause it's easier to do down here than up on the ceiling, of the trailer. Again, we want to make sure it's nice and tight. Give it a good tug. And it's solid. Now we want to figure out where we're gonna put it. If we're just replacing a light, you obviously know where we're putting it. But if you are just putting a brand new light in a new spot, we wanna make sure that we just have a power wire ran. This does not have a switch on it. So this makes sure that the power wire is gonna have a toggle foot somewhere So we can turn this thing on and off. One thing I like to do is get something in place to where we can kind of keep it up there. So what I'm gonna do is just put this ground wire in place, just so I don't have to constantly worry about dropping this light. Which it's not an incandescent, so it should be fine. But if we can prevent a drop, that's good. And we do want to put this on a solid part of the frame, and we wanna make sure it's nice and clean and no rust is in place. So now it's just gonna sit here, and we can continue on. Next thing we wanna do is just connect our power wire to the other side of our butt connector. Once you get all the wires connected, just turn the switch on make sure that it works and then you can go ahead and screw it up. Then it comes with three different Philliped type screws, they're not self-tappers. So you might have to do a pre-drilled hole for them to go in. And then once you're done with that, you could take this little lens cover and comp it on. I hope it snaps in should be good to go. And that'll do it for our look at the buyers products round interior LED dome light..

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