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Buyers Products Booster Cables with Blue Quick Connect Review

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Review of the Buyers Products Booster Cables with Blue Quick Connect

Hi, I'm Shane with Today, I'm going to walk you through the installation of inaudible 00:00:05 Products booster cables. Adding a set up like this to your vehicle is going to make it a lot easier when you need to jump start another vehicle. Maybe you get to a construction site, you have some construction equipment, the batteries just don't have enough power to get the equipment started. This is going to allow you do that a lot easier. It's going to give you 28 foot of cable and then you're going to have a six foot cable that actually stays attached to your truck battery.

If you have something that may be down a hill a little bit or may be off, you can't quite get close enough and a lot of jumper cables may not be long enough to reach, this is going to make it a lot easier.As I mentioned, this plug is going to attach to the truck's battery. It's going to stay connected. You're going to have a quick disconnect plug. When you're ready to use it, you simply take the other end with the clamps, you plug them in together and you can route this cable to whatever battery or whatever you're needing to jumpstart. Both sections of cable are going to be a four gauge wire.

They're going to have a nice thick, durable coating on them so we're not going to have to worry about them corroding. Our two ring terminals that are connecting onto the vehicle side, they're going to come pre installed so we don't have to install them. Our plug side, if we decide to keep it outside of the vehicle, it's going to have a nice cap so when we're not using it, it'll help keep dirt, debris, moisture, stuff like that from damaging our connection points.Once you have your vehicle side installed, this side is going to be the side that connects to it to give you that length that you need to get to whatever battery you're trying to add power to. You'll notice that this side does not have a plug on it or a cover. This, when you're not using it, you simply roll it up, you put it underneath your sheet, maybe in a toolbox, so that it's ready to use next time.

We're going to have some durable heavy duty clamps so when you attach them on to the battery posts, you know they're going to stay there, they're not going to pull off. We're not going to have to worry about these breaking down. Again, very heavy duty. The kit also comes with additional screws or bolts. We're going to have a couple different sized bolts.

The larger bolts are going to be for actually hard mounting your plug, if you decide to do that that way. You're going to have smaller bolts, these are to replace your factory bolts if your battery ones are not long enough. And the copper fittings are going to be for side mount battery posts.We're going to take our shorter end that has our plug and our two ring terminals and you're going to notice it's going to have a negative and positive marking on the plug itself. You're going to follow the cable down and what I did is I marked my negative one with a piece of electrical tape so I know once I pull it through the grill and up to the battery, I won't have to trace it back down and know which one it is. What I'm going to do is we're going to go right through the grill right here and what I did is came up behind the grill and just routed it over to this side of the radiator, I came out the side here, I go ahead and make my connections to my battery and then I can take the rest of this that's left over, kind of loop it up, throw a zip tie on it and zip tie it right to this factory wiring that's already here. Go ahead and get them connected to the battery posts.Again, negative and positive. 10mm socket for the factory nut and then you just reinstall the nut. Do the same thing for the other side. Now we're going to plug into the cable we just installed on the vehicle and we're going to test it out and make sure it's working correctly. Make sure when you plug in, you don't have those two touching, they're just like jumper cables. And you can see we have power. Once you've tested it out, you know everything's working correctly, you're ready to go.Again, I'm Shane with I hope this video help you, whether you're still deciding or installing the inaudible 00:04:15 Products 28 foot long booster cables..

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