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Buyers Products Jumper Cables with Quick Connect Review

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Review of the Buyers Products Jumper Cables with Quick Connect

What's up everybody. It's AJ with Today, we're gonna be checking out this jumper cable quick connect system from Buyers Products. And how's this gonna work is you're gonna install one side on your vehicle, run it up to your battery and you can quickly and easily plug this in to jump anything you need to. Great thing about the quick connect system is that you don't have to pop the hood open or anything to jumpstart. You just pop off that cover, it's got a nice dust cover there.

You're gonna put the two ends together. Quickly and easily slide together and now you can hook up to the other vehicle. The clamps are gonna be color-coded and they we're just like normal on the other side. They got a nice tension to them. So they're gonna bite down on those posts to get a good connection.

That way you get a nice jump pretty easily. So you can open this up, do the positive first, then the negative and we're ready to fire it up. So while we have this all out here, I wanted to say that, that is 22 feet of cable from the quick connect. This side, the jumper cable is over there and then here our engine bay, it's gonna be six feet of cable from the quick connect here, all the way up to our battery. So that it should work with lengthwise.

This is gonna be a four gauge cable. So it's still as heavy, but it's probably not best for big heavy duty vehicles. Maybe more so if you have a fleet of taxis or smaller vehicles that you might need to jump more often, probably better for that. This if we look at, what it looks like in the engine bay. You can see we got the cable ran up here.

There was a little bit more slack in there just in case the battery was further back, but not too much of where there's a bunch or just cabled up and we have to zip tie it out of the way. I would go and do a zip tie on it just to keep it out of the way and keep it off the top of the battery. But otherwise they works pretty good. Now you do have an option if something was to get damaged cable wires on this part, the part that goes to the terminals, you can't get a replacement part for that. So just in case, maybe something bad happens to the other end of the cable and you can replace it. So that is an option out there. And again, really easy to install. Just a couple of steps. Check out how we did it. So the first part we're gonna install is we're gonna install the quick connector to the battery terminals. And how we're gonna do that is this portion we decide is gonna go down here. All right, so we've got it ran. We went through here up and then behind the engine bay panel here and we got it all the way up here to the battery. So what we're gonna do is connect these to the terminals. So you come right here and remove a nut from the terminal. Now it does come with replacement hardware you can use, but since it's not staying on this vehicle, we're not gonna get that stuff all day, which we're gonna use the existing hardwares right here. So I'm just gonna back this off. When the nut removed, We're gonna add this to the terminal, but make sure you get the right one. It looks like we found one from the quick connect and the side with the grooves on it is gonna be your positive connection. There's no markings on it to let you know, but that's what we found. We traced it all over the back up here and this ridge side is gonna be for positive and then this side can be all smooth. Let's get that nice and tight. And once you've done that, you can kinda zip tie your cables all the way. That way they rest where they're supposed to be. You don't have to worry about them traveling and all or getting slammed in the hood. It looks like they're gonna stay put right here though, but I would go ahead and zip tie them right there and then down at the bottom too we're gonna have to zip tie our quick connector. That way it doesn't slide around and always will be right here when you need it. Overall, it's that easy to install, only a couple of steps. Once it's hooked up, now you have a way easier time to hook this up and jump your fleet of vehicles or use it at construction site. We even need it for us to be way easier to hook that in, jump it and get on with your day. Well, thanks for hanging out. I hope this helps..

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