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Buyers Products Large Wheel Chock Review

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Review of the Buyers Products Large Wheel Chock

Randy: Hi guys, Randy here at etrailer again. Today we're taking a look at the buyer's wheel chock. Now this is a polyurethane wheel chock, so you're going keep it nice and lightweight, the orange color keeps it nice and visible. Now to give you a good idea of the size of the chock, from the front to the back, we're looking at about an 11 and a quarter inches. From side to side, it's going to be about eight and three quarter. And then from the floor to the top here it's about eight and one eighths of an inch.

This is going to be ideal for just about any size tire out there. See the texture, the grooves on the front, it's going to give our tires something to rest on to, and then the traction plates there on the bottom are going to help grip that surface so you don't have to worry about it slipping or sliding.You'll notice the way it's designed, it's got kind of a lower angle here. That allows us to really get that tucked up and underneath the tire, that way if the trailer we're to put some force on it, it's going to put downward force. Other trailer chocks you'll see, they're either going to sit more like this leaving a gap in here. It's kind of got more of the severe angle there.

So I kind of like the way that one fits in and underneath the tire. Also even though we do have the nice large size, it's pretty easy to maneuver. You can see there's a handle right here on the back, very easy for one person just to grab that with one hand rather than some of the larger black plastic ones. They're heavy enough, or the black rubber ones are heavy enough to where you almost have to use two hands for them.We're also going to have the pass through here. It's going to go all the way through to the other side.

If you want to add a length of rope around there, plenty of room to get that installed. That'd just give you another grab point. Now the polyurethane material is a really good material for a long life. It resists sun rays, you're not going to have to worry about cracking, not going to have to worry about rust, salt, other road hazards that we get are things sitting on the ground that they're going to encounter. Just not going to have any issues with it.

It'll last us for a very long time. So overall guys, I think this is going to be a really solid choice when it comes to the wheel chocks. We're not dealing with the weight, we get out of some of the old rubber heavier ones. It's nice and visible, good construction, and there's a handle there for one handed use.

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