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Buyers Products LiftDogg Pickup Truck Liftgate Review

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Review of the Buyers Products LiftDogg Pickup Truck Liftgate

Randy: Hey guys, it's Randy here Today we're taking a look at a liftgate from buyers. Now this is going to be a really good solution when it comes to heavy lifting. When it comes to loading and unloading the back of a pickup truck. It doesn't matter if you're doing deliveries. Maybe you've got a fabrication shop where you're loading and unloading things at customer's houses.

Whether you've got a tire shop or even just heavy stuff on the farm that you need to get loaded and unloaded.Now, most of the time heavy items are a two person job with the use of a liftgate door, you're going to eliminate all that back-breaking where you're going to eliminate the needing to get a hold or trying to get ahold of it somewhere. So your hand doesn't slip. I think this can be especially useful for saving a lot of wasted energy, but also it gives you a professional appearance.If you're in appliance delivery company or instead of delivery company in any kind of situation. Basically, if you pull up to your customer, you and your buddy are trying to unload something or you and your coworker trying to unload something, it might be worried. You're going to drop it.

You know, you can kind of wrestle it in, wrestle it out that can lead to damage. Using something like this. Whether you go with the 27 inch version that we're looking at, or the 39 inch version can really alleviate all those stresses for your customers and take all that work off of you.Basically, this is going to use a dual hydraulic arm system that runs off a hydraulic pump. It's lowered very slowly by gravity to the ground. And then we'll show you in a minute, either use a key or the via the available remote.

You're able to lift this right back up level with your truck bed. Seeing just slide it in. Now, this is going to work on 15 hundreds, 25 hundreds, 35 hundreds, and even some larger than that.This is going to attach right to the back of your vehicle. Now there's a couple of ways you can do that. You can do it with one of the installation kits, which really takes a lot of the guesswork and the machinery or manufacturing out of it.

Or you can weld it on yourself. You can make your own brackets, you can attach them how you want to attach them and you can get it set on your vehicle.Now I recommend going with the pre-manufactured kits. We're going to take a look at the one for the Chevy here in just a second. Basically, it's already figured everything out for you. You don't have to go through any of the brainwork. You don't have to make anything, it's going to include everything. You need to get it attached. Now these have been designed to work using your vehicles, current 12 volt electrical systems. So there's no extra batteries or anything like that, that you're going to need.Basically, when we take the rear cover off there, you'll see the four AWG four Gauge wire that you can run up to your battery. That's going to go through 150 amp breaker. So that keeps your vehicle and it keeps the lift rather protected from any kind of shorts or anything like that. All in all, it's going to be a nice heavy duty system. It's weighs about 400 pounds. Two guys kind of manipulating it around was pretty heavy for us to do. All of the steel has really good thick black powder coat finish on it.If you've not heard of buyer's corporation before they work a lot in the heavy duty kind of industry, you can hear, it's really nice and solid. It's made for heavy duty use. And I think it's going to be something that'll last years and years without giving any kind of issues or any kind of problems.Now, regardless of which one you pick, whether that's going to be the 27 or the 39 inch, we have a 1300 pound lift capacity at significant. That's going to save us a lot of work and a lot of headache. And it's really going to turn something that, I mean, 1300 pounds, two guys would have a tough time getting that loaded into a truck. This situation, it can be a one guy deal to help with loading those heavier items. You're probably going to be using a Dolly, probably going to be using some kind of mechanism.You can see we've got a total from this line to this line. This is going to be four inches and it gives us a nice ramp. So we can come up on. Now, as far as the sizing goes, it's like a standard washer. For instance, that's going to be about 30 inches wide. So if we put that up here on our lift, it'd be overhanging just slightly. So as long as you had a little bit of support on the back, it should work out for this. But if you want more area, I think the 39 inch is going to be a better option. So small things like transmissions or engine blocks that aren't really that big, but are really heavy. I think the 27 inches is going to be really well suited for that. I think delivery companies and stuff like that.You might as well upgrade to that larger size. This inaudible 00:04:45 CNO you'll have plenty of space. You're going to have plenty of room for things to sit on there. So when you're loading and unloading, it's not really a big issue.Something else I really like about it, the door and the way it drops down, it's real simple to operate real easy to use. It uses a spring in there. So raising it and lowering it really isn't that big of an issue. It doesn't take a whole lot of effort. On each side you're going to have your catches that are going to come down. And those are secured with a Cotter pin and do that on both sides. And you can see there's not any real movement or play a little bit there back and forth, but I don't think that's going to make a lot of noise.It's got not going to reduce the enjoyment of driving your vehicle around and when ready for use. We just pop those off. There's a little catch right here that those are going to go into. Whether they're in the locked position, you see, we've got the little hex head bolt right there that holds it in place or the inverted hex. Then as we pull it out, it comes up and it's going to rest on our set screw there. So holds them up on the way when we're in operation.And as soon as we need them just tilt them out, bring them down, get them engaged. Now you see here, we've got a seal key covering. So little rubber gasket protects the internals of our key. And then we just slide that in and you can hear that little click that acts as a switch. So up, down, right there, it's very easy to get to, easy to control. We're also going to have the accommodation here just on top for the remote. So we can put our four full plug-in here, plugging our remote and that'll give us nine foot of range. So if we need to give some additional support in the back, that'll allow us that flexibility.Maintenance is also something relatively easy in this application. Basically we've got maintenance covers on each side. So we'll use a five 16 bit driver. We're going to pull out the four screws here. With those out. We can take off the cover here. It gives us right access right down into our grease circus. And this is also where you'll access the area to plug in your remote.Once we have that cover open, we'll take out the little plug there. We can grab our remote base. Now we'll take our plug and just slide that in. You'll see the two connectors right here. They're just going to plug together. I liked that. I liked that you don't have to worry about any wiring or any splices. Then we can take a couple of little number 10 self-tapping screws, get those running on each side. Now we re being ready to operate it either from our key or from our remote. If we need that option, we'll just replace that cover when we're done.Now, when adding the liftDogg to your vehicle, you're going to be removing your bumper. So you can see here that we've got a license plate cut out and the hardware to attach to our square holes, you'll have provided. It's also a license plate light. That's going to pop right up above it. It's going to keep you legal in all 50 states, ensure that you're not going to have to worry about getting pulled over.Now the white one, you'll just go to ground with that. You can use a self tapping screw to the frame and the Brown when you'll need to tie that into your running light signal. So when you turn your running lights on your plates illuminated. You can see the holes that are here. This is going to allow it to work with all of your already existing factory stuff. So if your spare tire lowering spot is right here, that's going to work with the kit.We've got designed for the Chevy. They sit a little bit lower. This is actually going to attach to your truck and the hole for your spare tiring lowering area. It's going to go right in there and seal slide your tool right in like you do from the factory. Something else I liked, unlike some of the other ones out there available on the market, this will work with all your factory hitches and it'll work with all your spare tires. So you don't have to sacrifice one thing to pick up another.Now we've got three bolts here across the back. This is our access panel for our pump. But it's also going to help us in installation to get all of our wires ran. Get three bolts there to take out you'll need a half inch to do that.inaudible 00:09:33 Rotate that down. You can see we've got excellent links of our four gauge wire, and that's going to go right through a conduit holder right here. We'll run that up around the frame of our truck. Negative is going to go to the negative side of our battery. Positive is going to go through that breaker to the positive side of our battery. You can see a couple other knockouts here for different applications in different trucks.Then we've got our hydraulic pump right here going to fill that up right up here on the top, get it to the appropriate level. And a hydraulic system is sealed. So it's very unlikely. You'll have to add any at any time. Now this is a Monarch pump. So we're getting the best of the best in our hydraulics. And it's something I'm sure we're not going to have to worry about for years and years and years.We also see here on our main pivot, we're going to have bushings on each end, also grease circus there so we can get grease put in. We can get that filled up and keep everything running really smooth for a very long time. Something else I really like is the extra plate we get. This is designed to fill the gap between our liftgate and our pickup truck bed. That way we're not going to have that dip. Especially when rolling dollies in and out, they can get hung up there and just give us a headache. And this case we'll be able to just roll right onto our liftgate and lift and lower whatever we need.Now with your liftgate, you're going to get the breaker. This is a nice breaker. It's a push to test. You could also disable the liftgate by doing that so nobody could power it without you knowing it. You just push that up to reset it. So this is going to protect, like we said before your vehicle's electrical system, and also that of our liftgate. The reverse light we've talked about, we know where that mountain we're also going to have our hydraulic oil.That's going to be with the two base racks. That's what you're going to get. If you go with the kit designed for our custom fit kit, designed for each application, and I strongly recommend you using the fit guide, put in your year, make and model of truck, and we're going to get the kit out to you. That matches perfectly well. You can see here, we've got the brackets. These are designed to connect to the liftgate. Then on the other end here, we've got our other brackets. Those are going to connect to the truck bed plate.Now this bed plate is going to attach to the side and bottom of your truck bed. It's going to give you the stability you need for attaching that gate too. And you can see how it's designed. It's going to come in and over. So it's meant to be tucked in right up against the side of the truck.So you're not sacrificing a whole lot of bed space there, depending on the application. Like we talked about with our Chevy, we're going to have the drop down for our spare tire to become into reinforcement plate, some angle iron for some additional reinforcement. And we've also got all the hardware that we need. So this can take something that's ordinarily a pretty difficult job that might cost you quite a bit of money at a shop to have done. And it's something that's easier.Step-by-step, you know what to do. You know when to do it. If you had a welder at home, there's only a couple welds you'll have to do. You could certainly do it there. If you're taking it to a repair shop, giving them this kind of input or giving them this kind of bracketry and giving them the instructions on how to do it, should save you a lot on your bill.Something to keep in mind when you have your liftgate installed, regardless of which size you pick, you're going to be adding about 14 inches to the rear of your vehicle. So you definitely want to make sure if you park in the garage all the time and you want your garage door to close behind your truck or something like that, that's, not going to give you any kind of interference.Now, in my opinion, this is going to be a really good liftgate to use compared to some of the other ones I've seen. I think it's right in line quality wise certainly has the construction that I'm looking for. It's nice. It's heavy duty, thick gauge material. I think since you do have the available installation kits, everything's pre-wired, and we can add a remote to the side, if we want.It's going to offer a lot of bang for the buck. And I, especially like the fact, if you're used to manually loading and unloading things from the back of your truck, all the backbreaking work, this is going to save you. I think in the long run, it's definitely something that you'll enjoy and appreciate having..