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Buyers Products ATV Mini Wheel Chock Set Review

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Review of the Buyers Products ATV Mini Wheel Chock Set

Hey guys, it's Randy here at and we often get questions from customers about our wheel chocks. They want to know if we have anything that's smaller and more appropriate for ATVs, UTVs, golf carts, small utility trailers, things more along that size. What we're taking a look at today is from Buyers. This is a pair of wheel chocks, so they're going to be nice, small and compact. These are going to be about five inches long, looking at about three inches wide and about two and a quarter inches tall. Now these are going to be excellent solutions for these type of applications.

You wouldn't want to use these on a car, on a truck or a van, even larger utility trailers. These aren't going to be appropriate, but for what they're geared towards, these are going to be really ideal. They've been made to kind of stack up into a pretty small, compact package.We can easily get these tucked away and stored in different compartments on those items, so we always have them with us. Now, this type of wheel chock is going to be pretty ideal, whether you want to service or just store whatever item it is you're trying to keep from rolling. Often times, with these lighter items, especially on a flat floor like this, and maybe they're sitting outside on a flat piece of concrete, you really don't think about it.

We had an instance here the other day, where one of our small little utility trailers, the wind caught it. It actually went over and hit another trailer. It didn't really cause any damage because the utility trailer was so small, but it could have been prevented had we just had a few wheel chocks on it. Now, not only do I like the compact size, but they're also really easy to use and keep together.You can see they're tethered here with a three foot piece of rope to place them in, regardless of the surface. You can see on the bottom here, we've got the teeth, they're going to help to bite in and the same thing here.

So as they go into place, our tire is going to push downward on it, helping it to get good grip and keep them right where we want them. The rubberized material is going to provide years of great service. These are designed to resist dirt, rust, gas, oil, UV rays, just about any of the common things that can kind of deteriorate plastic, or maybe a polyurethane. Really not going to have to worry about them, they're good and dense. And the overall design, there's not a flaw on either one.

So the mold they use is really good, really specific. Now, some customers ask, with these rubber wheel chocks, if there's an odor to them, if they smell really bad. These smell kind of like new rubber, they're going to smell like a new tire.That's something I think is going to dissipate over time. Now, if you had this in a very small confined area, had it sealed up, maybe in a real small utility shed, you'd probably smell them when you walked in for a couple of months, I'd imagine. Another nice thing about this material is that it's not going to leave marks or it's not going to damage your floor in your garage, especially if you've got something painted, kind of like what we do here. I think a lot of times when you have those little pieces of brick or something you're trying to use those. It's going to oftentimes leaves little scratches and leave little nicks out of the paint. That's something we just don't have to worry about with these. Now, in my opinion, I really like these wheel chocks. I'd use them on my smaller items. Again, no cars, no trucks, nothing like that.On smaller items, I think they're going to be ideal. I really like the fact that we can just kind of stack these on top of each other. We can get these thrown into a small compartment somewhere and always have them handy. Now, if we compare these to other types similar to it, CURT offers a stackable set. They are two plastic wheel chocks, not rubber. I really like the rubber aspect. It's much more heavy duty than what we have out of the CURT, but they'll actually stack together. And it's really just the size of one wheel chock. They're a little bit wider, a little bit longer and a little bit taller than these. But if I had to pick between the two, I'd own these before I'd own them..

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