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Buyers Products Wheel Chock with Grating Base Review

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Review of the Buyers Products Wheel Chock with Grating Base

Randy: Hey guys, it's Randy here at Today, we've got Buyers' polyurethane heavy duty wheel chock out. We're gonna do a look over on it, give you some information on it. This wheel chock, nice large size, is gonna be ideal for really any chocking situation, but it really shines on the larger RVs, camper trailers, even semi trailers. The chock itself is made completely from polyurethane. That's a great material for resisting the grime that we generally pick up, like oils, gas, road dirt, salt.

Things like that. You see it's gonna be a solid piece with a nice heavy duty grade on the bottom. It keeps that from moving around. Really doesn't wanna shift. It's gonna be handy especially in snow, ice, and stuff like that.

The weight on this chock is gonna be slightly lighter than what we get with a solid rubber wheel chock, but it's not gonna be as light as some of the poly styles that Buyers offers that are the bright yellow. Those tend to be very light. Still very resilient and dense, but lighter. This one, not any give to it or anything. Real nice and solid.

See here on the back, zinc plated handle. It allows you to get a good firm grip on it, get that slid in where you're gonna need it.All in all, the wheel chock's gonna do a good job. It's gonna do what you ask it to do and keep everything nice and secure. I like the design of it. I like the handle on it.

Overall, when we compare it to other wheel chocks, it's gonna be slightly lighter than the rubber wheel chocks, like we said. Certainly much lighter than the steel wheel chocks. I think this one's gonna do a better job at resisting the elements than what a steel wheel chock would. The nice wide handle here is easy to get ahold of, even if you had a gloved hand. I like that. Some chocks we have don't have, necessarily, a handle, but an attachment point for rope or something. All in all, it'd be a good, handy wheel chock. A little bit larger size, so I think this is gonna be more for parking lot uses. Tucking this in your camper and taking it with you might take up more space than what you want.

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