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Camco Dual Flush Pro Valve Review

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Review of the Camco Dual Flush Pro Valve

Today, were going to be taking a look at the Camco Dual Flush Pro for rinsing your RV holding tank and sewer hoses, part number CAM39062. The Camco Dual Flush valve is designed to secure to your RV or campers waste tank. What well do here is well simply pop off the cap of our waste tank and replace it with the new Camco Dual Flash valve. Now it does have the standard 3-inch inaudible 00:00:28 fitting which will fit on to our standard 3-inch diameter lug fitting. Well slide it on and give it a little twist. Now, were going to install it this way because if we have, it turned up in the upright position, its going to allow our hose when we hook it up to kind of come up and kink and we dont want that to happen so were going to install it kind of on its side so the hose can easily attach to the hose fitting and not have such a sharp bend in it. Now, what this valve is designed to do is you hook up a garden hose to it and you can shoot water back into your waste tank reservoir and rinse it out. Also, it will allow you to rinse out any of the other components in your pipes and also allows you to reverse the water flow back down to your sewer hoses. Say, you are hooked up to a dump station and when youre finished dumping, youll just hook up the hose, spray out the tank and then open this valve here which is going to allow the water to come back through down and then rinse out your sewer hose. Again, after rinsing out the transfer tank and the other components and pipes from the waste tank, you can flip this little knob around. It will just going to allow the water to come back through the sewer hose and this lever here will allow you to control the water flow.

As you can see with it down closed, it is completely sealed so no water can get through here. Well just pull it up then you can see that the wall is in this compartment here allowing the water to freely flow through your sewer hose and rinse it out. This reverse flush valve is made up of heavy duty polypropylene construction that is durable and shockproof. This part of the valve is clear so that when your waste tank is done emptying, youll be able to know when its time to hook your hose up and rinse it all out. You can see here, this knob here, what this knob is designed to do is when you have your hose hooked up to this valve here, this will control where your water is going to go. For example, you can see that this arrow is on the blue line and the arrow says tank. What this is going to do is allow the water to shoot back up into your waste tank and rinse it all out and then when you turn the valve, there is a hose position where this is actually going to flip direction of the water down through your sewer hose and allow you to rinse your sewer hoses out at the dump station. Now, when you dont want any water flow, there is an offsetting.

Now, remember the arrows do need to be pointing directly on this blue line in order for it to work. Now, remember when wanting to control the direction of your water flow, all of the little handles here which open those walls in there, depending on how many of those your camper RV has, you can also use that to control where the water is going. Now, with the hose valve here, this reverse fresh valve does come with an anti-siphon adaptor that will screw on here and you can screw the end of your hose on to this valve here. What this is designed to do is when youre using the water supply from your camper or your RV, its going to prevent the contaminants from inside this valve to go up through the hose and back and contaminate your camper or RVs water supply. Now, after rinsing out our tanks using the Camco Dual Flush valve, that will complete todays review of part number CAM39062. .

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