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Camco FasTen RV Leveling Blocks Review

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Review of the Camco FasTen RV Leveling BLocks

Today we're going to take a look at the Camco fast 10 RV leveling blocks with carrying handle. These 8 1/2 by 8 1/2 inch leveling blocks come in a quantity of 10 and gray. The part number is CAM44521, and hive is yellow, part number is CAM44512. Now our fast-10 blocks, as we've said, are available in two different colors. This is going to be the gray color, a little less noticeable while you're around the campsite, and then for the ones you don't want to leave behind or have a habit of forgetting them, those hive yellow kind of stand out in that campsite and tell you what to look for. These are the 17 inch variety, these are for use with dual rear wheels, these are 8 1/2 inch by 8 1/2 inch variety, these are going to work out really well for the front wheels of our camper or even for our stabilization jacks or things like that. A couple of nice things that I really, really like about these leveling systems and a couple of problems that have kind of been solved with the new fast 10 set up.

Look here, you look, they're not going to fall apart and they're not going to wobble. That's all thanks to the built-in carrying handle. As you can see, we pop that up, gives this a great way to get them around, get them around to the wheels when we need them, instead of having a whole armload of blocks and trying to get them over there and dropping a few. That really solves that problem. All we have to do is unthread our handle, pop it out, we're going to have full use of our blocks, whichever ones we don't need we'll put our handle right back down through, and just tighten it down to get it secured in place.

Now that you can see the interlocking design, where they're going to slide right down on one another, almost like the little kid's blocks that we don't like to step on as we're walking around. They really give us a good hold, and these aren't going to be something that we have to worry about them sliding on us. Once we get the weight of our vehicle up on there, as opposed to a couple of wood blocks or something, we don't have to worry about that shifting or any changes. Now that we've kind of gone over what they're going to do, let's go up and see them in action. Now what we want to do is park our RV or camper on the level-est surface we can find in our campsite there, and then we'll determine exactly how much lift we need. Now each block is going to give us one inch of lift, and we can go all the way up to 4, giving us 4 and 1/2 inches with the interlocking tab that sticks up here on the top.

That's going to be as high as you want to go. You don't want to go above that. To use them, you just take out your T handle there. We're going to start stacking them up, interlocking them as we do. Now you can see, we're going to put the second row kind of midway.

That's going to tie in the first and the second block in that lower row together, so that we don't have to worry about that sliding and stuff we had talked about. Once we get the height set where we want it, we'll just secure the rest of our blocks here. It's nice that they're going to move together, so we don't have to worry about moving one, and then the other one's not in line or anything like that. We just line that right up in front of the tire, and we'll be able to pull right up and on. Here we can see the blocks with the load on. As you can see, no signs of stress or they don't sink down or anything. Each of these interlocking blocks are going to fill up the hole below the one on top of them, giving us pure direct contact right down to the ground. Another great thing, once we have the load on here, no shifting, no moving, no issues to deal with. Now with all the fun said and done and it's time to pack up and go home, we're just going to reverse the process. We're to back off of them, we'll take our handle out. Now these are all leveling blocks, even the black one that we've got on the bottom, but that's the one that's threaded. That is the one that you want to have on the bottom when you stack your blocks up for your threaded rod or T-handle to work properly. They stack nice and easily, put them all together there, a few turns of our T-handle, and that's really all there is to it. We can just tuck these away in our storage compartment, and we'll have them when we need them next time. The nice thing about them, they're not wobbling around. We don't have a bunch of extra pieces flying around. We can just tuck them right into the storage area. Pop down the handle, and they'll be there any time we need them. Another good use for our fast 10 blocks are going to be stabilizers or jacks on our camper. A lot of times in the campsite, we might have softer ground, and we don't want to put all that weight down on just the small foot pad. Now what we'll be able to do is bring our foot pad down, we want to line it up to where we can get it kind of right in the middle of our levelers there, and then instead of having just that small footprint that's actually going to be pushing down, we're going to have a much larger area to dissipate that weight out over a wider area, so we won't have that sinking effect, especially when people get in there, kind of moving side to side or back and forth, it can kind of work those down further and further. These blocks will give us a great solution for that, and still staying with a nice, compact, portable design. That's going to complete today's look at the camco fast 10 RV leveling blocks with carrying handle, part number CAM44521 in gray.

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