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CargoBuckle G3 Retractable Ratchet Tie-Down Straps Review

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Review of the CargoBuckle G3 Retractable Ratchet Tie-Down Straps

My boat is getting a much needed upgrade from all these messy straps. And we're taking a look at the CargoBuckle retractable transom straps. If you're hauling something like a boat, a mower, or some other equipment, you're gonna need straps but if you only need to utilize one side of the strap like we do here today, a transom strap is gonna be the best way to do it. And my favorite thing about the CargoBuckle transom straps is it's retractable. So we lift this up and there's no mess that we have to mess with at all. So it's very, very, easy, very, very quick.

So I can get off the water or on the water a little bit easier. And this is just a perfect addition to your trailer. We have a vinyl-coated S hook right here so I don't have to worry about it scratching my sweet paint job on my boat or any other equipment that you're hauling. And the material is gonna be the same as your seat belts on your vehicle. So it's gonna be 2 inches wide and when we let this all the way out this is going to give us a total of 6 feet of strap, so plenty of length for what I need.

We have a plastic housing. We have stainless steel on the insides but we also have a rubber sure grip on the end so it's not gonna hurt your hands, even if you don't have gloves or if you're doing anything in the winter, gives you plenty of grip. And the way this works is we can pull this release lever. We go all the way up and it stays there and that's gonna allow it to retract just so easily, so quickly. So I really don't even have to mess with ratchet straps when I unload this thing.

I just go like that, go like that, and it's ready to rip the next time I need to load up. We can put this down and we're gonna start cranking this and we're good to go. With this kit, you're gonna get two of these straps and they're gonna be rated with a break strength of 3,500 pounds but the working load limit is gonna be 1,167 pounds. That's the number that we want to match up with whatever we're strapping down. As far as the length goes, with the handle all the way down in the tow position, this is gonna be 6 inches.

The overall width is gonna be about 4 inches. And it's gonna sit out from wherever you mount it about three inches. Straps are straps, I'm just tired of messing with all of this and half the time it falls in the water whenever I'm unloading. So one thing I would suggest is figure out how long you need your strap. But it being retractable really does help a lot but also you wanna match it up with the working load limit of whatever you plan on strapping down. We just wanna be extra safe, so the more, the better. This seems like a no brainer to me. It literally takes me a couple seconds to strap my boat in. And it also took me about 30 seconds to install these. So stick around, we're gonna show you how we did it. First, let's find a place to mount our strap. So what I like to do is take this lever and go all the way up. It's gonna allow the strap to come out and I want to hook it to where I'm going to go, find the place I wanna mount it, and then what you wanna do, is we're gonna take a bolt with a washer, put it through this hole right here and then through our mounting location right there, put another washer on there. We have a nylon lock nut. And then what you wanna do is take a 16 millimeter socket and wrench and we can tighten this thing down. I like to get it pretty much tight and then kind of get it to where it's nice and straight, and then tighten it back all the way. I do recommend hanging it on there, just makes sure it stays up a little bit nicer. There we go. Now that that's done, we're good to go. And we can do the same thing on the other side. It's just a very simple product that just makes the whole life of having the boat or other equipment a lot easier. And that's pretty much it for a look at the CargoBuckle retractable transom straps..

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