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CE Smith Offset Spare Trailer Tire Carrier Review

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Review of the CE SMIth Offset Spare Trailer Tire Carrier

Today we're going to be taking a look at the C.E. Smith Heavy Duty Spare Tire Carrier. This has been designed for use with anything from a 1-1/2" up to 3-1/2"-wide trailer frame. They can measure in between 3 and 4" tall. It's a nice heavy duty construction. All of our seams are fully welded. We don't have any tack welds or any spot welds that we're going to deal with.

It's got a nice galvanized finish. It's going to help prevent that rust and corrosion that we see sometimes. This also has a nice offset. What this does is it brings your spare tire away from the frame of your trailer, and also up. It's going to give us more room for our equipment or our boat, and it's also going to give us a higher ground clearance. Installation onto our trailer's pretty simple.

We've got two sizes of u-bolts to use. The longer ones are going to be for any trailer that's over a 2". The shorter ones are going to be anything under a 2", so your 1-1/2", your 2" trailer widths we'll be using the shorter ones. 2-1/2" up to 3-1/2", we'll be using the longer ones. We'll bring our u-bolts around the frame of our trailer once we've selected the area that we'd like it to be installed in.

Your instructions will indicate to you you have a couple mounting options. With our trailer being the full 4" we'll be mounting our u-bolts straight up and down. When that narrows down to a 3" design you can then cross your u-bolts. Again, you'll see that in your directions. Now it's just a matter of lining up our u-bolts so they're going to slide in the holes on our carrier here. We almost got it there.

There we go. Now we're going to take a nut and a washer. These are a nylon-style nut, kind of a lucking nut, so they'll help to hold it on there. Doesn't require the use of a locking washer. We've got four of these, of course. We've got two u-bolts; theyve got two threaded it in so it's starting to add up there. Just want to get these started. Once we've got them started we're then going to take our socket or a wrench, whatever you decide to use, and we're going to run these on down. Now we do want to tighten them up equally. Just going to snug them up for now. Now once we have those snug we'll start applying a little bit of torque to them to get it nice and secure onto our trailer here. Now that we've got that taken care of we're going to have the hardware for securing our spare tire to our wrack that is also going to be included. We've got carriage bolts; those are going to slide into the adjustable groove there on the top. They also have included a couple of keepers here. These are a little bit tough to get on. That's just going to help to prevent that bolt from coming out too far as we're getting our tire on and off of there. Just like we did on the top, slide our keeper on and then we'll go get our spare tire. Now this is going to work for 4 and 5-lug wheels, with the exception of the 5 on 5 or 5 on 5-1/2" bolt pattern, and it's going to work for wheels up to 15". Now just bring our spare over, place it up on our lugs there. We're just going to thread these on. All right, guys. That's about all there is to it. We've got it secured to our vehicle. We're ready to head down the road and we'll know that we'll have our spare in case we get a flat. That will complete today's look at the C.E. Smith Offset Spare Tire Trailer Carrier, part number CE27310G. .

Questions and Comments about this Video

Charles A.

My trailer has a square frame, about 3 in. Is there any reason I can't mount this on top of the frame instead of the side so that the tire is horizontal to the ground instead of vertical?

Etrailer Expert
Reply from Jon G.

Go for it. If you check out the reviews on this product it looks like a couple of different people have used it in that way already.

Reply from Charles A.

@JonG Thanks for your input.

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