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CE Smith Galvanized U-Bolts Review

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Review of the CE SMIth Galvanized U-Bolts

Today, we're going to take a look at the CE Smith u-bolt for the bolster bracket, part number C-E-1-5-2-8-3-G-A-dash-4. Note, these u-bolts are available in a quantity of one, part number C-E-1-5-2-8-3-G-A. A quantity of two, part number C-E-1-5-2-8-3-G-A-dash-2. Or eight, part number C-E-1-5-2-8-3-G-A-dash-8. Our u-bolt is 3 and 1/16th wide by 3 and 13/16th long. The bolt itself is galvanized, which after it's stamped and molded, it's dipped, giving it three to five millimeters thick coating around the steel. With the galvanized protection on our bolt, it's suitable for use even in salt water.

It's a square design, so it's designed for the square frame. Secure your bracket to your trailer. Supplied with the u-bolt will be a split-lock washer and nut for each leg of the u-bolt, making this the perfect heavy-duty u-bolt to secure your bracket to your trailer. Now let's go ahead and show you how to install it. To begin our install, we're going to remove the old or manufacturer's boards and brackets. Since we're removing the bunk boards and brackets, we're just going to take the u-bolts off the frame.

Quick tech tip: Before you remove your boards, take a tape measure and get the height of your board. That way, when you install your new brackets and rollers, you can set it back to the same height. Now as we have the boards loose, we'll go ahead and just take them off the trailer and set them aside as they will not be re-installed. Next, we're going to install the new CE Smith bracket, part number C-E-1-0-0-0-3-G. Our bracket will replace the old or manufactured bracket that we removed. The u-bolt will go around the frame into the bracket and they get secure with a split-lock washer and nut.

Let's go ahead and put them in place now. As we install our fasteners, we're just going to install them finger tight this time. Keep in mind, when you tighten your u-bolt, make sure you tighten down both sides evenly. Once we have our bracket installed, we'll go ahead and tighten it down. All right. Now here on our rear support, or rear portion of our frame, we're going to go ahead and install our bracket and u-bolt.

Our bracket and u-bolt are going to sit in the exact same position as the old or manufacturer's bracket. Then again to secure it, we'll use a split-lock washer and hex nut on each side of our u-bolt. Remember when tightening down your u-bolt, make sure you tighten down both sides evenly. Now, we'll go ahead and repeat the same process for the remaining brackets. We'll now go ahead and take the roller bunk, set it onto our brackets, and secure the bunk to the brackets. Now when securing your bunk to the brackets, the hardware is not supplied. I'm going to use a bolt and flat washer. It's going to go down through the roller bunk, then through the bracket, and underneath I'm going to add another washer and a nylon lock nut. Now once we have all our hardware in place, we can tighten it down. And there you have it for our review and install of the CE Smith u-bolt for bolster brackets, part number C-E-1-5-2-8-3-G-A-dash-4.

Edward O.


Received the wrong u-bolts. They do NOT fit The keel roller! What will you do? Ed Olsen

Les D.


If you contact the friendly folks in our Customer Service Department they will help you resolve this issue. Call 1-800-298-1624.

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