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Champion Portable Inverter Generator Review

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Review of the Champion Portable Inverter Generator

What's up everybody. It's AJ with Today, we're checking out this champion generator. It's gonna be an inverter generator and it's gonna work with the starting Watts of 4,500. Let's check it out. This champion generator is gonna be a gasoline powered generator.

Now they also have a 4,500 starting Watts generator that does dual fuel, so that's propane and gas. You can check that out if that's something you're interested in. But today we're just focus on the gas one here gonna have three different ways to start it. Two of them electronics. So you can have the switch.

You just turn the snob, push this button, it'll start. You also have a remote. You can start it with a remote once you've turned on the battery and you have the pull start on the other side too, just in case those aren't working or that's just what you wanna do to fire it up. Now I'll show you the three different ways. We'll make sure we turn on our battery.

We'll turn the knob into the start position here. Now this version you're gonna hit this yellow button in just push in on it. Starts up. That easy. You don't pull the cord in the end.

Maybe you don't want the generator constantly running. You wanna save gas when you can, you can use the remote start. You can turn it on and off with the remote from up to 80 feet away. So you hit the button and it should fire up over there. The third way you can start it is the pull start. You're gonna have the handle here on the side. Make sure you push the button to activate the choke. It'll glow green when it's turned on. Something a lot of people are concerned with is the noise level of the generator cause it's gonna be running to run your rig and the air conditioning. You don't want to be disturbing you while you're outside. I'm standing right next to it right now. Now the microphone on. So you're gonna hear me a little bit better but it's not too bad actually. You know, this is out of eco mode so it's gonna be as loud as it gets and it's not too bad. I can still talk to cameraman, Tom. He can hear me just fine standing right next to the generator. Over here where we'll normally be hanging out with our rig. You can barely hear the generator. I mean, it's there. I'm not gonna lie, but you can barely hear it. It's not interrupting. I'm not having yell or even raise my voice to talk to cameraman Tom. Also as a gas gauge here let me know how much gas is in the generator so you can always keep tabs on it. This generator has a dry weight of a hundred, one pounds. You got two handles on top so if you need to lift it up and set it in a truck or on a cargo carrier, you can do that. I suggest using a handle up front. It's a lot easier to just tilt it back on the wheels and move around this way. We got a voltage meter here. It cycles through on its own so is gonna tell you the volts and this one is gonna be the frequency. This next one's gonna be running time, how long the generator's been running. That's going to be total run time. And here on the side you can see the power meter. We have turned on the air conditioning. You're gonna see the power meter. It's gonna be about 50% of output power. And then when I turn it off, it'll go all the way back down. Look at the front of the generator let's go over some of the features it has. So right here's gonna be the inteli gauge. This is what's gonna give you different readings on watts and voltage. It's also got these buttons here, this is gonna be the choke and push that one. That one's also going to help you link up remotes. You can link up up to two remotes, to the same generator. This is the eco mode. So you can turn that on, so it drops down to a lower idle. This it gonna be the overload reset right here, so if things get tripped up you can hit that and it'll reset it. Right here you are gonna be turning this switch and put the engine in the starting position there, that way it fires up. It's the same with this is gonna be the battery switch and turn that on before you can use the remote start or the button start here. This is gonna be for USBs and get a port there. I like that it's built in, you don't have to plug in or waste one of the plugs here to plug in a USB device. It has its own USB dedicated. And since it's an inverter, you don't have to worry about the sensitive electronics being plugged in here, it's okay to plug those in there and get those charged. So then we've got the 120 volt section here. Those two plugs, we've got the reset for up there the circuit breaker, you push that if that gets tripped. And we have 30 amp. It's got a nice rubber cover on there, it goes on easily just to keep it protected from the elements, and it also has a reset here. Then at the bottom we have the connections for the paralleling system if you wanna hook up two generators together. Underneath are 120 volt plugins we have the grounds. So that you use this to ground your generator, so that it does have a flowing neutral, it would be a good idea to do that. Let's see how much power it's got. So we're gonna plug in our rig and try and power the AC and some other electronics while inside. We're gonna turn on the AC unit. I can hear the generator working a little harder outside but it's running, we're not having any issues. With the AC running, let's try some of the other electronics. We got the microwave here and set up for a minute and see how that runs. Now it does all come down to what kind of air condition you have. I would reach out to your manufacturing and get the specs for your air conditioning that way you get the right generator for the right rig, for the right air conditionings. Something that does change things up just a little bit is gonna be the starting capacitor. Some of them air conditionings have them in there and that's gonna help keep those starting watts down. So it's not gonna be as aggressive as it was if it didn't have one that could change things up on you and help you decide on generator too. Really comes down to what kind of air conditioner you have. So I would go ahead and reach out to your manufacturer or check your manual and see the exact specs so you can get the right generator for the right air conditioning unit the first time. Now another thing that changes stuff is if you have a starting capacitor that's gonna bring down the starting watts. It's gonna make it a lot easier for a lower watt generator to fire up that air conditioning. Overall, I did like this generator. There's some features that grow on me as we worked without throughout today, the push button start with the remote or the button on there was pretty nice. I didn't have to pull in the cord on the side at all and I can get used to that, I like that. As we used it today, though, we mainly focused on using it with the air conditioning on your rig. You could use this at a job site, it's not the best for that, but it will power those tools with those outlets there, you can take it, tailgating whatever you need a generator for, it should be good for that. It's just a little bulkier. So with the bulkiness, if this is about the right watts that you needed to run your air, air conditioning but you don't have anywhere to store this there's another option from champion. So they have a parallel kit. Those are gonna be a little easier to put in your basement doors and fit and store. Plus you'll have two different generators to you can use in two different spots if you need them. That's another option. If storage was an issue, I would check those out as well. But I think that about does it. Thanks for hanging out hope this helped..

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