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CIPA ATV Handlebar Mirror Review

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Review of the CIPA ATV Handlebar Mirror

What's going on, everybody Adam here, with etrailer. Today, I'm on my four-wheeler and I needed some mirrors. So, today we're gonna be taking a look at the CIPA ATV handlebar mirrors. I would use these mirrors for a lot of different instances. I do a lot of trail riding, so having them upright like this, it's gonna be great. There's a couple of times when we're riding, and I keep going, and then I finally turn around and my friends are gone.

So, they had a little breakdown on the trail. With this, you'll be able to see the guys behind you, just to make sure you're not gonna leave them in the dust, just in case you're out enduroing, or doing some crazy trail riding with your four-wheeler. This one isn't going to really add a whole lot of length. And, in this configuration, it adds the least amount. So, it's about two and a half inches from the edge of your handlebars.

And, it's only gonna sit up about nine inches. So, I like this, just so I'm not gonna clip it on any of the trees that I'm going through on these narrower trails. I have a couple of different properties around the area. We have a bunch of different cattle and pigs and stuff. So, we always go and feed them, but we always use a four-wheeler, because it's more fun.

So, if you are doing some road purpose four-wheeling, whether it is a gravel road, or just the road that gets you to and from your property, these would be really great to flip out, so we're gonna have a lot more room, and this way we can be able to see towards the back, whenever we are on the road. Whether you have the mirrors upright, or out wide for the road, I really do have a pretty good look. With the left one, I can see myself fully. And then also with the right one, I can get the same exact view. So, I pretty much can see almost everything behind me.

And there is a lot of adjustments, so regardless of what orientation you put the mirrors in, you're gonna be able to pivot that mirror to get exactly what you want. And as you can see, you can see directly behind me, the pole and me, and that's exactly what I'm looking for. Now I'm gonna get it set up for the road. Take a Phillips screwdriver, loosen this up a little bit, and we're gonna go out, just like that, tighten it up, and we're gonna do the same thing with the other side, and then get these mirrors adjusted, so I can see the whole road behind me. One thing to note, I was thinking that I could have the mirror upright like this, but as you could see, the way the molding is in the back, we're not gonna be able to tilt this up any farther. So, we won't be able to use the mirrors when they're all the way out like this, and have it upright. And of course, we could get the angle we needed, if we did something like this, but it is a little bit lower. It's not adding any height to the bars, but just note that we're not gonna be able to do this, so you can either do it to the side, or go ahead and do it down like this. I personally like it like this, 'cause then I can see a little bit more wider of an angle behind me. Now that I have the mirrors all adjusted, everything's good so far, but now we're gonna get on the road, and see exactly how much of the road behind you you're gonna be able to see. So, for you road four-wheelers out there, you guys are definitely gonna benefit from having it in this orientation. And, even just the second little notch from the very upright. These worked really well on the road, and I didn't have to sit there and turn around all the time just to see if I'm holding up traffic. So, this is gonna keep you safe, and it keep everybody a lot more happier on the road. But, now we're gonna do what I love most, and that is trail riding. So, engage the trail mirrors, and let's go. The didn't give me a whole lot of trouble. You know, I have plenty of room for my hands. So, if you are riding during the winter, and you have big bulky gloves on, they're not gonna interfere with that. And also with turning, I thought that that was gonna be an issue. But, I don't hit it whenever I'm turning around, which is awesome. And, whenever I was driving around, I was driving on some big rocks over there, so it was really, really bumpy. Obviously when my handlebars move, these will move, but once this is installed correctly, it's one with your handlebar. So, it's not gonna vibrate or anything like that. You can still see good. Even if it's a little bumpier of a ride. Let's go over a couple of specs. With the installation, there's a little rod that goes inside your handlebars, and that's gonna be 5/8 of an inch thick. So, just make sure you have a hole that big, so this will go in there, and you can tighten it up. As far as the mirror goes, we are gonna have a width of about 6 1/8 of an inch. And it's only gonna be about 3 1/4 inches tall. It's pretty good. This isn't a plain mirror, it definitely makes everything look a little bit smaller in the back. So, it really gives you a big, wide view, compared to some of those plain flat mirrors. The most amount of length we're gonna add in this configuration, from the edge of your handlebars, to the outside of our mirror, it's gonna be 10 inches. Pretty self-explanatory, super easy installation. So, if you stick around, we're gonna show you how we did it. To get these on your ATV, you just need to have an open access to the side of your handlebar. So, I do have some grips on here, but there was a little cap, so I actually just took a little razor blade and cleared that out, so we can insert this in. But, before we do any of that, I do recommend grabbing a Phillips and just loosening this now. Just a couple of twists left. And, what that's gonna do, it's just gonna loosen this mechanism, so it'll rotate around. If you don't do it enough, it won't, so be sure to loosen it enough, and then we're gonna be in business. So, I'm just doing that, just because it is gonna hit our throttle housing. So, now what we wanna do, is just put this into the side, and basically what's gonna happen is, as we tighten this bolt with the included Allen key, it's gonna expand, so it's gonna stay in there nice and tight. So, it kind of just push it up against there. Make sure this little seal is in place, and then take that Allen key, and tighten it up. Just like that. Only a couple turns and it's nice and solid. And then we can go ahead and finish our adjustments, and figure out exactly where we want them, and then rotate this around to get the proper view we're looking for. We can go ahead and just tighten this up a little bit. So, it's not gonna move around on us. Even though it does really take some effort to go like this, I just wanna keep the width of my bars as small as possible, because I do go in woods. And so that's why I'm doing it like this. And we'll just tighten it up. Just like that. And now we're pretty much good to go. This does come in a pack of one, so if you do wanna have them for both sides, you're gonna have to grab two of them. It's the same exact installation process for both sides, just one's on the right and the other on the left. Pretty simple. Took me about two minutes to get it all set up. and that'll do it for a look at the CIPA ATB handlebar mirrors..

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