Classic Accessories Deluxe Tractor Cover Review

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Review of the Classic Accessories Deluxe Tractor Cover

Jake: Hey guys, Jake here with etrailer today, we're going to be taking a look at the line of classic accessories tractor covers. So it's that time of year again, it's wintertime. It's time to put your riding lawnmowers up for the winter, because you're obviously not going to need them until the spring when the grass starts growing again. But you may not have a place in your garage to store them who may be packed to the brim because you want to get those vehicles in the garage to stay nice and warm. So you don't get any ice or snow all over them. Your lawnmower just doesn't make the cut and it's got to sit outside, whether it be under your porch, outside his next year house on the side of your shed on the back, these covers are designed to protect the plastics on your lawnmower and to prevent any unnecessary rust from forming.So you don't have to worry about grinding that off when springtime comes, just because you didn't have a place to store your lawnmower with these covers, they're going to do the job of protecting your lawnmower during the winter months when you're not using it, or just during the season, if you're done mowing your grass and you want to throw your cover on, you can do that too.

Now with these covers, there are going to be two different types of covers. There is going to be a deluxe model, which is here on my left and the standard model, which is here on my right. The standard model is going to come in this olive green that we have here, which is nice because you're not going to be able to see any dust, dirt, or debris on it, but it's also going to come in black.So whichever you like better, go ahead and pick that one up. We can go through a couple of the differences here. The standard model is, I'll be honest with you.

It's just going to be a tarp shaped like a lawn mower. It's going to have a nice elastic bungee at the bottom. So what you do as you stretch it over your lawnmower like this, and here we have it on an older wheel horse tractor, the older style, and it fits very, very well on it. I was impressed with how it fit. This covers going to have vents on the back, back by the gas tank.

So that obviously the fumes and all that can escape.It's kind of nice. Because then you're not going to have to worry about any fumes building up and your tractor catching fire, whether it's in or outside of your shed, nobody wants that happening, but we can come over here to the deluxe model. I can go over some more of the differences. So the deluxe model is going to be much thicker tarp material. You're going to have that same, very elastic ring around the bottom to keep it nice and tight on the bottom of the lawnmower.

But we'll go ahead and take it off some more to show you. So the deluxe model is going to have this nice softer material on the inside to protect your plastics on your lawn mower, your hood, your steering wheel for getting any further scratches. You may say, "I don't care about my lawnmower, it gets scratched. It gets worked with." But nobody wants any unnecessary scratches from their cover. It's going to have those same vents here in the back to be able to get those unnecessary fumes out.Again, this is a very odd shape mower, which I was kind of doubtful when I took the cover out of the box because it's got a different front wheel design because it's actually a rear drive tractor that the wheels will operate independently in the back. But I was very impressed with how it was able to fit on here. Now, putting your cover on can be a one man job. You may just do a little bit more walking than you would if with two people, but just take your time, go around the outside of your mower and drape it down around the side.They do have these easy grab handles here. So you don't have to worry about getting your hands caught or cut on your blades. You just strap it over and it goes up underneath your deck there. The deluxe model is going to differ in one other way. It's going to have a access hole here in the back. So if you have a ball mount, or for example, we have a trailer mount here on the back of our lawnmower. We're not going to have to worry about it, stretching out our cover to be able to fit it around it. We'll be able to just put that cover around that hole there. This cover is going to fit tractors up to 72 inches, long, 44 inches wide and 46 inches high with a deck size up to 54 inches wide. Now, one major benefit you may not think of when protecting your riding lawnmower is the sun.It's going to protect both. These covers are going to provide a UV protection. So you don't have to worry about unnecessary wear and tear on the plastics in the metal or the rubber on your mowers. Now one nice included feature is they are both going to come with an integrated bag. So when you're not using it for easy storage, what's cool about it is you don't have to worry about losing it because it's actually sowed to the cover. Now, with all that being said, I think it would have to go to the deluxe model for my own personal lawnmower, just because it has more features and I know it's going to last longer than the slightly flimsier cousin here. But with all that being said, that's going to do it for a look and installation of the classic accessories lawnmower covers. (silence.

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