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Review of the Classic Accessories RV Tank Storage Cover

AJ: What's up everybody It's AJ with Today, we're going to be checking out this propane tank cover from Classic Accessories. Now, it goes over two dual, 20 pound propane tanks, and it's going to protect it from the elements and just keep them covered up that way you don't see them. They're out of sight, out of mind. Some people don't like seeing the tanks on the front of their rig. They like that cleaner look and this is going to help you achieve that.

Let's check it out.If you're looking at the cover thinking that this color is not really your style, it does also come in gray, but it's going to be made out of the same material. That's a good vinyl, fabric combination material. One of the nice things included is that it's not just a cover or like a tarp that goes over the tanks. It's got a zipper on the front so you can unzip that and gain access to the tanks when you need to. It's not like you have to fully remove the cover every time you need to get to something.

You can just undo the zipper and get to everything you need up in here. Let me take a look down here. Outside, it's actually a pretty windy day. You see it's keeping it nice and snug on the bottom of these propane tanks. You don't have to worry about it blowing around or coming loose on you.

It looks like it's going to stay on there really tight. You don't have to worry about the wind bothering it.It also comes with this insert that's supposed to be at the top of our cover. You can see how it's kind lumpy at the top. This would make it more flat that way it's an even, flat surface. When the rain comes down on it, it doesn't pool up, it'll just roll off.

However, I found while we we're installing it, it doesn't fit with this inside while you put the cover on. One thing they did do well, if it would have worked, is there are straps on the inside that this would slide in so it would hold it in place. The other covers don't have those straps, but it doesn't fit with that on there. It's so tight. I even moved the tanks together. We ripped it on the sides trying to get on here. There is some issues with installing it. I'm not fully confident in this cover, but check out how we installed it.Now, it's a really easy install. First, you're going to put this two pieces of particle board together with these plastic things that help slide it together and keep it together. You're going to put that at the top of your cover that way it holds its shape of the top when you go to put it on. Now, make sure you put it on with the zipper facing out. Get it to catch on that side and slowly pull it over and down on this side.I might actually unzip it so I can adjust it as we go, a little easier. You might've seen me struggling with a it little bit as I was getting the cover over there. It doesn't seem to fit with the board insert at the top. That takes up too much of the material. I even pushed the tanks together to give it a little bit more space. It zips a little bit easier but, man, it was not easy to do.Overall, I wasn't really impressed with this propane cover. We had another one I did earlier that actually fit over there. Fit snug, stayed in place. This one, I don't think it's going to hold up. I'm going to be completely honest with you. It ripped on the sides when I installed it. That's just trying to get the fitter on the tank, so that rip's only going to get bigger and it's not going to be there one day when you're traveling the road. I would suggest maybe investing in one of the hardcover ones. Those are going to last. Those usually made out of polypropylene, so they can take the rocks that are coming at your tanks. It's going to protect it from those and it's just going to hold up more over time. Well, that does it for our look at this. I hope this helped.

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