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Clearsource RV Water Filter System Replacement Water Filters Review

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Review of the Clearsource RV Water Filter System Replacement Water Filters

Hello, everyone, it's Evangeline here at etrailer. And today we're gonna be talking about the replacement filters for your Clearsource water filters. So this is gonna work for your Clearsource Ultra, like what we have here, or your other three-canister filters. So you can replace your filters individually, or you can replace them as a three-pack, which I recommend doing every time just because that way you know you always have fresh water or fresh filters. But if you're gonna do them individually, make sure you have the correct one. How often should you be changing out your filter Well, that depends.

How often do you go out camping If you're a full-time RVer or you're a boondocker, you're gonna hit that 2,000 gallon limit pretty quick. So at least every three months is a good rule of thumb. If you're a weekend warrior, you go out pretty much every weekend, once a week, then I do recommend between three to six months as a good time. And finally, if you're a seasonal camper, you only go out a couple times a year, then whenever you set up your RV or camp before the season, once a year, that's when you should replace your filters. So before we get into the individual filters, I just like to say I really like the packaging for the three-pack because it shows which filters and what order they go in, and then it explains which filter is what and what it does.

So let's talk about that. So look at your Clearsource water filter, and this is gonna be your RV side, this is gonna be your water hookup side. So, this is the first step. And for the first step, you have your five micron rust filter. So, this is the first step.

And if you have, let's say, dirty water or maybe water that has rust or sediment in it, that's what's gonna filter it out. You have these large grooves, which will help with that filtration process and make sure that those larger compounds are filtered before you go to the second step. At second stage of filtration is the 0.5 micron filter. And this has a coconut shell and carbon technology. And that way, if you notice that your water smells or tastes funny, you want this filter.

This is what's gonna take out the things like the insecticides, the pesticides in the water, just those harmful chemicals. So your Clearsource Premiere and your Clearsource OnBoard, or your two-canister filters have something similar to this, although they take this an extra step and those have a 0.2 micron filter. Now what we have for our three-canisters is they combine that technology and have an extra virus guard filter. And that's your third step of filtration. Very similar to your second step, but all that bacteria or any viruses or compounds or chemicals that somehow, someway make it past the 0.5 micron, this is gonna get it. So when you're replacing filters, this will be the order that you're gonna replace. It'll help you figure out which filter goes in which canister. Speaking from experience, it can get confusing a little bit, And that's what this video is for. Now, to switch it out, they made the process super simple. All you need to do is twist the canister, and it loosens. If you have a hard time the first time, they give you a little tool just to crack it open a little bit. Once that's loose, you now have access to your filter. And before you touch any filters or do any replacing, I do recommend washing and sterilizing your hands first. And then you're gonna take out the older filter. Now this is still very, very, very new and it looks very clean. But we're gonna show you how to replace it anyways. You're gonna get your new filter, and they have a hole on top as well as a rubber washer. So just pop that into the canister, line it up with that hole inside the canister, push it in just to make sure it's seated. And now you can put your canister back into your filter. Now, when you do replace your filters, I recommend letting it run for about one minute before you connect it to your RV. That way, it fills up with water, it's in prime flow condition, and once you turn it off and then plug into your RV and turn the water back on again, it's filtering that fresh water. And just like that, super simple process, super easy. And that's why I recommend picking up a couple of these so that they're ready. And once you hit that 2,000 gallon mark, you can switch 'em out, and you know you'll always have fresh water. So that was a very easy process. Again, whether you need a single-filter or a three-pack, you can find them right here at etrailer. If you wanna see those filters in action, check out our Clearsource water filter product videos, where we show you how to use the filter as well as how well it works. And that was a look at the replacement filters for your Clearsource Ultra or your Clearsource OnBoard Pro water filters here at

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