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Command LED RV Porch or Utility Light with Switch Installation

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How to Install the Command LED RV Porch or Utility Light with Switch

Speaker 1: Today we're gonna be taking a look at the Command LED RV porch utility light with switch, part number 328-007-48SCBE. This round utility light will work on either the inside or the outside of your RV, camper, or fifth wheel. It's a surface mount light. It can be positioned any way that you want to direct the light. I'm using it as a utility light on the front of my travel trailer. I've got it aimed towards my A-frame.

That way, I can see around my propane tanks and see when I'm connecting to my tow vehicle.It's an LED light. The nice thing about LEDs is they're more efficient, they're gonna last longer, and there are no bulbs to replace. It features a rubber coated rocker switch. This is gonna prevent the elements from getting inside if you mount it outside. It has a clear plastic acrylic lens.

This is gonna help disperse the light. Here on the inside, you can see the nine diodes. They will give us plenty of light. It's only available in a black housing. It's dimensions are four and seven eighths of an inch in diameter.

It has a wedge design. It's two inches deep at the highest point.Now that we've gone over the features, I'll go ahead and show you how to get it installed. I'm here at the front of my travel trailer. It features a utility light. What I'd like to do is upgrade it to an LED.

Let's go ahead and get started. Before you do anything, it's a good idea to disconnect your electric, that way you don't cause any shorts. Once you're disconnected, we can start off by removing our lens. Just use a flathead screwdriver to pry it out. With the lens removed, we can see our hardware on each side. Let's go ahead and take those screws out. Now it does have a little bit of caulk around the housing. What I'm gonna do is just cut that loose, that way we can easily take it off.There we go. Once we've got it loose, we can then pull out our wiring. You can see what we're working with here is some quick splice connectors. We're gonna go ahead and cut those off. Then what we wanna do is start back first with a new wire. I'm just gonna do a little bit. We don't need much. We can then grab some bud connectors. You can find those here at Then we wanna crimp that down. Once you've done that, give it a good tug. Make sure it's on there nice and good. We'll do the same thing to the other wire. Now, we can bring in our new LED light. It does come pre-stripped. The only thing you may have to do is clean up the wiring just a little bit. We can go ahead and connect them together. Now, since it is LED, it doesn't matter which wire we connect to. It can be reversed. We'll just go white for white and black to purple. Yours may be different. We'll just crimp those together.Before we finish the rest of the installation, it's a good idea that we turn the power back on, check to make sure our light is wired up correctly and that it works. Then, we'll be all set. With our power turned back on, let's go ahead and flip our switch. Looks like our light works great. We can go ahead and finish our installation. What I'm gonna do now is just scrape some of that caulk out of the way, that way it won't be caught underneath when we put our new light on. If you have caulk, just clean up the install a little bit. Then we can put on our new light.What we'll need to do is we'll need to take the lens off. That's gonna allow us to mount the housing wherever we want. Go ahead and feed our wiring back into the hole and decide how we want to mount our light. Now with my last one, my switch was on bottom. It was kind of an oval shaped light. Since this one's round and it's angled, I'm actually going to angle it to where the light is going to be pointing towards my A-frame, that way I can maximize the area of how much it lights up. Once I've got it positioned where I want, I'm gonna try to cover up the old holes. On the inside, I've got four holes to choose from. I'm gonna be using my old hardware, so I've got two screws. I'm going to mark the hole here and the one here on bottom.Since I'm going through metal, I'm going to drill out a pilot hole, that way my screws can get a good start. With the holes marked out, I'm going to feed the wiring back in, line it up, and then put my hardware in. Now let's reinstall our lens cover. If you'd like to, at the end of your install you can put some caulk here on the top portion of the light. This is just gonna prevent any water from getting inside. We do sell some caulk here at With everything caulked, we're all set. That's gonna complete our look at the Command LED RV porch utility light with switch, part number 328-007-48SCBE.

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