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Convert-A-Ball Adjustable Ball Mount Review

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Review of the Convert-A-Ball Adjustable Ball Mount

Hey everyone. Shane here with Today, we're going to be taking a look at the convertible adjustable ball mount. It's going to be designed for two inch receivers. And what it's going to do, is, if you have a vehicle that you tow more than one trailer with, this is going to allow you to adjust to those different coupler heights. So, as far as our rise and drop links, being installed this way is going to give us our rise.

This, the bottom two holes, are setting our ball level. We go up, we're going to have, from a three inch rise up to a nine inch rise. If we flip this around and we use it this way, maybe our vehicle sits a little bit higher, we will have anywhere from a 4 1/2 inch drop all the way down to the bottom to a 10 1/4 inch drop. One thing you may be concerned about, is, if you're using it in the rise position, the height that this sticks up, it's going to be about eight inches high. So, again, depending on the vehicle you're using it on, whether you have a tailgate or you have a vehicle where the hatch opens a little bit lower, because you want to keep this in mind, to make sure that you're not going to make contact with the vehicle at all when you're opening any of those compartments.

This piece here can actually be used in this position as well. You would just install the ball on this side instead of the way it is here. The whole diameter is going to be one inch. So, you want to make sure, when you get the ball, because the ball does not come with it, you make sure that the ball shank is one inch. We have plenty of different balls here at etrailer.

Now, we'll go over some weight capacities. This piece here is stamped right on the front, 600 pound tongue weight, that's the downward pressure here on the ball. 6,000 pound gross trailer weight. What it's attached to, which is this shank, actually has a 500 pound tongue weight and a 5,000 pound gross trailer weight. So, between these two, you would want to go with the weight capacity on the shank itself.

Couple other things to keep in mind. The receiver on your vehicle, if the receiver on your vehicle has a lower tongue weight, lower towing capacity than the shank here, you want to go with the receiver, then you need to make sure you check the vehicle's owners manual. If the vehicle cannot handle the weight, tongue capacity and towing capacity of the receiver, or whatever's the lowest, you want to go with the lowest number between those four. Now, a couple of measurements to keep in mind. We have this on a truck in the rise division. We had plenty of room between here and the bumper. If you're using it on an SUV, some SUV's, the receiver tube may be pushed underneath the bumper fascia a little bit farther. So, from here to here, you're looking at about four inches. Center of the hitch pin hole, edge of this, is about four inches. The way you would determine if this is going to make contact with your vehicle, is measure the hitch pin hole on your receiver tube, out to the outer edge of your fascia. And if it is more than four inches, you would be able to use this in the rise position without this making contact with the vehicle itself. Now, if you're clear to that, as far as how far it's going to stick out from the hitch pin hole, or how long it is, see this outside edge, you're looking at about 13 1/2 inches. So, again, depending on where your receiver tube is sitting in your vehicle, how far this is pushed underneath, well, depending on how far this actually sticks out from where this edge is. So, the outside is seven inches. The components here are going to be constructed out of a steel black powder coat finish, going to hold up really well against rust and corrosion. My overall opinion on it, I think it is a great option for, like, your smaller SUV's or SUV's that have a little bit higher weight capacity, maybe your smaller trucks, like your Canyons, your Colorado, Jeep Wrangler, maybe, and maybe your smaller, or, I'm sorry, your full size trucks, like your 1500s or something like that. It gives you plenty of adjustability depending on your hitch height or your receiver height on your vehicle. So, it gets you where you need to go, for towing those trailers that may have different coupler heights. That's going to do it for a look at, the convertible adjustable ball mount for two inch receivers..

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