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Curt 20x48 Hitch Cargo Carrier Review

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Review of the Curt 20x48 Hitch Cargo Carrier

Today were going to be taking a look at the 20x48 Curt Cargo Carrier. Its been designed for use with the inch and a quarter or two-inch hitches. It offers a 300 pound weight capacity, the part number is C18110. It has a nice rise in the shank as well as in the full length of the shank its angled upward. This gives us great ground clearance here at the rear of our rack.

Cargo Carrier allows us to easily free up space inside the vehicle that we can use for passengers or pets. Its also going to keep those muddy boots and things like that outside the interior of your car. We have the raised side rail. It goes all the way around. Its two and three-quarters of an inch high. Its going to offer us ten different tie down points all the way around the perimeter.

It has a very sturdy steel construction. Its got the mesh-lined floor thats going to allow that dirt and debris to fall down through the floor rather than actually being stuck on the carrier and causing corrosion. The black powder coat finish also does a great job of keeping the corrosion from affecting our carrier. Now that weve gone over some of the key features of the carrier, let me show you how to install it in your vehicle. When a using a class two receiver hitch, we use it just like this. As you can see, this is the main shank of the carrier.

Here on our Suburban, weve got a class three or a two-inch hitch, so were going to take the collar or sleeve. As you can see, inside theres a small black tab that sticks up. Thats designed to fit right into the non-threaded hole. The larger hole sits right over top of the threaded hole and we leave that exposed so we can slide our bolt in. Now that weve got our sleeve on there, were going to slide the shank of the carrier right into the receiver tube of our hitch.

The rack is going to come with a nice anti-rattle bolt, washer and a locking washer. It also has a provided clip to secure our bolt after we have it threaded in. What we need to do is line our threaded hole up with our hitch pinhole. Once we have that in line, were going to thread the anti-rattle bolt in. Once we have this in hand tight, well tighten down that anti-rattle bolt, thats going to draw the shank right over against the edge of our receiver tube. Its going to take all the play that we have in our carrier out. Also, its going to take all that noise out that we generally hear from a none anti-rattle style cargo carrier. Once we have that tight, when I move this cargo carrier, the car moves with it. Its absolutely dead secure. Well then grab our clip, slide it right in here on the other side just as a little backup security. The outside dimensions are 48 and a quarter inches by 20 and a quarter inches with platform dimension of 48x20. The shank rise is three and three-quarters of an inch and the carrier weighs a total of 30 pounds. The manufacturer offers a one-year limited warranty. Just like that, weve got the carrier installed onto our vehicle. Well now load it down with a couple hundred pounds of gear and lets just see what it looks like in action as we go out through our test course. As we start our test course, well first go through the slalom. This is going to show that side to side action in the rack as if we we're turning corners or maybe doing some evasive maneuvers. As we make our way around the corner, were going to go into the alternating speed bumps. This is going to give you a sense of what its like when we maybe hit a pot hole or the curb we didnt quite see torqueing that rack side to side. As we go over our solid speed bumps, youre going to see that up and down action. Its going to be like if were going in and out of a parking lot, speed bumps, things like that. Thats going to complete todays look at the 20x48 Curt Cargo Carrier designed for use for both inch and a quarter and two-inch hitches part number C18110. .

Tim M.


Do you know what the rise is on this carrier. My concern is for my exhaust clearance.Thanks!

Etrailer Expert

Rachael H.


The rise in the shank for this cargo carrier is 3-3/4 inches. Being cautious of the exhaust placement is a very good thing.

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