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Curt Fifth Wheel Rail Sound Dampeners Review

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Review of the Curt Fifth Wheel Rail Sound Dampeners

Hey everyone, how's it going Today, we're going to be going over and showing you how to install the Fifth Wheel Rail Sound Dampeners. So, this is a rather simple product. It's not necessarily something that's going to be required for your setup. But if you towed many trailers before, had a couple of different fifth wheel hitches, you're probably aware of that some of them have some movement within the base rails of our truck. Now, there's a lot of different variances that have this. It comes down to which fifth wheel rails we have, which fifth wheel hitch we have, the tolerance, tolerance stacking of the two or improper installation of our fifth wheel rails.

There's a lot of different reasons and factors that can come into play when we have movement of the fifth wheel hitch in our rails. Now that's certainly not something that we want to hear each time we get in, couple our trailer, we come to a stop at a stoplight hearing that fifth wheel hitch rock back and forth on our rails. Therefore, installing the sound dampeners here we're going to help improve that overall ride and cut down on the sound of our hitch moving inside the rails. So these are what our dampeners look like. It's a pretty simple design.

We have four of them, one for each attachment point on our fifth wheel legs. These are made of rubber, so they're nice and durable, but they also have some give to them, which is what allows them to have that dampening property. So they are rectangular shape. And we also have that rectangular cutout here, which is sort of going to mimic the shape of the attachment to our fifth wheel rails. So basically how these dampeners work is, this is going to be a rubber pad that installs between the bottom of the fifth wheel hitch and the top of the rail.

And it's going to provide sort of a cushion or a barrier between the two so we don't have that metal on metal contact. Now in order to install these, it's very easy. You're going to want to do one side at a time. We're going to pull out the two front pins. So we have one here and then we have one we need to pull out over here.

Now, once we have the front two pins out, we're going to lift up on our fifth wheel hitch assembly here. You are going to line up the rectangular slot there with our dampener. You may need to readjust the dampener when we have the fifth wheel hitch down. But that's pretty much how they're going to install and may or may not sit flat depending on how well they are aligned. You can sort of play with them a little bit to get them perfectly centered on that rectangular hole. But once we have one side in, we'll go ahead and repeat that same process on the other side. And then we'll just simply reinstall our pins. Now with both of our rear pins out, you can just come back here pretty much just do the same thing. And that's going to do it today for our look and installation of the fifth wheel rail sound dampeners..

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