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Curt A20 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch with R20 Slider Review

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Review of the Curt A20 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch with R20 Slider

Rob: Hey everybody. Rob here at Today, we're going to be taking a look at the Curt A20 5th wheel with the R20 slider. Now here's where our Curt A20 is going to look like once we have it installed. Mow more and more now than ever trucks seem to be getting beds that are smaller and smaller than eight feet. six and three quarters, six and a half.

That's typically about a standard size bed. Now, if you ever towed a 5th wheel, you know that once you start towing with anything less than eight feet, you start to run into issues when you're making slow speed turns, especially where the front of the trailer can get extremely close to the cab, if not make contact. Well, obviously nobody wants that to happen. Nobody wants to see them in their trailer or their truck, and that's where a slider comes into play. This is going to allow the hitch to move back a full 12 inches to give us that added clearance so we can make it around the turn and then reposition the hitch back into the towing position.We can simply pull this handle out, and you can see it has this little red tab to let you know that it's in the unlocked position, and then the hitch will be able to slide back, giving us that additional clearance we need.

And then whenever we get through our turn, and we're going to go straighten out, we can pull out on the handle again. Again making sure that we see that red tab sticking out, and that will allow the hitch to slide back and lock back into the towing position.Now the slider does have a round tube design, which is really going to help out alleviating a lot of those binding problems. Since it is round, it's going to slide a lot smoother and easier, and have less chance of anything binding up compared to a square tube design. The round tube is going to give it a little bit more contact area and less of a chance of it kicking over and catching a corner. So it can just slide a lot easier and smoother.

Now the slider is just the base. The hitch head and the rest of the hitch is going to be a separate component, and here we're using the Curt A20. This is a really nice heavy duty 5th wheel hitch, that way we can tow our 5th wheel trailer down the road, get to the campsite, take trips with our family, or whatever we want to do. I really like this hitch specifically because of the jaw design. There's a really nice two piece jaw that wraps all the way around the kingpin.

And you can see the two piece jaw is going to interlock together, that way we have this full 360 degree contact with the kingpin so there's less chance of that kingpin having a lot of slop and play in there, which eventually leads to a very bumpy, uncomfortable ride from all that bucking and chucking that we get.If I open up the jaws, you can see just how thick they are too. It's going to be a nice, big thick piece of steel here. Again, that's going to be a two piece design. So once we drive up to our kingpin it's going to make contact and spring loaded jaws will close by themselves. Now the back of the head, something I really liked that a lot of people don't think about, they have this color coded indicator here to let you know what state the jaws are in. Right now you can see it's yellow, so it's in the couple stage, which means that our jaws are open, there's not a trailer hooked up, and it's not connected.This is a really nice feature to have because it is right on the back of the head so we can just take a quick glance out our back window and get a visual indication of what's going on with our truck and our trailer without ever having to get out of the truck. If we do need to get out of the truck obviously, again, it's still going to be pretty easy to see, to make sure that our handle isn't stuck halfway in between a position, and again, it's just something to give you that extra peace of mind knowing what's going on.Now, this may seem like a really small thing, but I really like the handle on this hitch. A lot of times the handle is kind of in a weird position. You may have to pull outward and turn it weird, and you're going to be right on the side of the bed here. Now I'm a little bit on the shorter side so I do have to reach up, and I don't have a whole lot of leverage because my arms are up. But with the handle here, we just have to barely pull it towards us, and then we just rotate it back. It's hardly any pressure on there to get it to unlock, and it's a very smooth, easy operation. So again, it is kind of a small thing, but I really like the handle.Another feature that I really like is the fact that it has this really wide funnel so when we go to hookup, it's just going to be a little bit easier, on top of the fact that the head does fully articulate, that way if we are on unlevel ground, or we're not directly behind our 5th wheel, the head will compensate for that, kind of pivot, and we can get it hooked up real easily. Another thing that I think is nice, is that it does come with a lube plate, which is going to make it a lot easier. We don't have to worry about so many scratches or binding up when we're hooking up. It's just one less thing we have to worry about.Now, our hitch is going to be adjustable height-wise. We're going to have different height adjustments. If you look here, we're going to have several holes, and it's going to range anywhere from 17 1/2, all the way up to 21 1/2 inches. And if you are going to be pulling a 5th wheel trailer, obviously you want to make sure everything's secure. Well, right here on the handle, they do have a tethered pin, but it can also be replace with a padlock. So I don't have to worry about anybody tampering with the handle, potentially uncoupling it or anything like that. Now, obviously weight capacity is going to be a big thing when you're talking about 5th wheel hitches. You want to make sure that you can carry the trailer that you have, and that it's going to be able to handle the load. Well, our Curt hitch here is going to be rated at 5,000 pounds of a vertical load limit, and 20,000 pounds of gross trailer weight. Now, with those numbers in mind, you do want to double check your Chevy's owner's manual because those are the ratings for our hitch, and we do not want to exceed the rating for our truck.Now, when we are towing all those features are really nice, but when we need to get our truck bed and use it for something bigger, and we need full bed access, 5th wheels can be a little bit cumbersome. But our Curt A20 here, what I like about it is, as we come to the front, there is this really large pin. If we remove that we can remove the other really large pin that's going through the center section there, and then the head of the 5th wheel will actually come off and make it a little bit lighter for us to disassemble everything and get access to our bed.If you remove the head, pull the pins on the base, and then the slider would be just a little bit easier and a little bit lighter on our backs. So overall, the Curt A20 5th wheel hitch for With a R20 slider is a really nice sliding hitch for those short bed trucks.Again, I'm Rob here at and that'll finish up your look at the Curt A20 5th wheel hitch with the R20 slider.

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