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Curt Adjustable Cable Lock Review

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Review of the Curt Adjustable Cable Lock

Today we're going to take a look at the Curt Adjustable Cable Lock that's 6 feet long. Part number C23666. This cable lock features a nice, braided steel construction that's going to protect the finish on anything that you're locking. It features this nice virtual lock cable system. You take the end of the cable lock and it goes in, locks the cable to this heavy duty lock. It does come with two keys.

Let's put those in there. Unlock the cable, that will come out. It does feature a hoop on one end so you can go ahead and feed your lock cable through there to secure your items. The unique thing about this lock is once you have it locked into the lock core, you can push the red button down and cinch the cable tie and that will secure whatever item you have locked down to keep it from rattling around. Such as a ladder on a utility trailer, a bike on a bike rack or what other items you may be carrying. Now I'll go ahead and show you some applications where you can use this unique lock system. A good application for this cable lock is you can secure your bike onto your bike rack.

What I like to do is go ahead and take your hoop end, put that around your tire. You can feed the cable into it. That'll secure your bicycle tire to your bike frame if you have a quick skewer axle on there. Then you can go ahead and take the cable, put it around your bicycle frame, go ahead and feed that back to the backside of your bike rack. You're going to go ahead and take your cable lock, feed it through your lock as so.

You slide it down the cable a little bit. Go around your bike rack and back into itself, securing it to your bike rack. You have your bike tire secured to your bicycle, through the hoop, you have your bicycle secured to the rack here with the rest of the remaining cable. You can go ahead and cinch it down to add some stability to your bicycle here to keep it from swaying around so much while you are going down the road. That's one of the neat features about this locking system. You can press the red button and cinch it as tight as you need it.

As you see, the nice rubber coating on the steel cable will protect your finish on your bike. Another application for this cable lock is if you do need a portable one for your bicycle, you'll go ahead and wrap it around your frame once you're not using it. Once you get to a stand where you need to lock it into place, you go ahead, put around your bike. You can feed the end of the cable lock through the hoop and, again, you can go through the tire again. Through the rack, feed your cable again through there. You can even go back around the cable, if you like. Lock it. Again, you can cinch it tight if you need to. That'll secure your bicycle to the rack so nobody can take your bike or your tire. Another application for this, if you want to put two bikes together, you can go ahead and feed your lock here through the middle of your cable. Go around your bike, around the bike rack. You can go ahead and secure it like that. You can see it allows you to have double loops in it to secure more than one bicycle or if you have more than one ladder or any other cargo that you're carrying either on your trailer, on your bike, on your bike rack, or even on the roof rack of your vehicle if you want to keep it secure to your vehicle. As you can see, there's a ton of uses that this Curt Adjustable Cable Lock will come in handy for. That will do it for our look at the Curt Adjustable Cable Lock, 6 foot long, part number C23666. .

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