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Curt Channel Style Adjustable Ballmount Review

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Review of the Curt Channel Style Adjustable Ballmount

Hi everyone. Aiden here with Today we're taking a look at this adjustable ball mount from Curt. This is gonna be a great option for your trailers if you're hauling a variety of trailers or maybe you are using a variety of different vehicles for a variety of different trailers. This basically allows us to adjust the ball mount up and down through this channel to adjust for different heights. We can get a significant drop, flip it around and get a pretty good rise.

You can see here we've got it set up pretty much right in the middle to get an even level towing experience for our truck and trailer combo so you can set it up for your vehicle and your needs. Let's check it out. Right away, I wanna point out a few things. We've got two different options, a 2 and 5/16" ball and the 2" ball that we're using today. The two inch ball has a 10,000 pound weight capacity and the 2 and 5/16" ball has a 14,000 pound weight capacity.

All this is going to be working in our 2" hitch and has a tongue weight capacity of 1400 pounds. So just keep that in mind when you're checking this out and figuring out if it's gonna be a right fit for your vehicle and your trailers. On the side here, we've got two pins and clips so I'll just remove those clips and the pins and we can show you how this slides up and down the channel here. So once we've got that out, you can see the actual portion with the balls will slide up and down the channel. The channel has a 3" interior width from side to side here, and the holes have a 1" spacing center on center.

At the very bottom We're gonna be getting a 6" drop at a max so that's how much drop we can get out of the receiver and we can flip the entire ball mount upside down in the hitch to get us our rise position. Now at the very top here, we can get a maximum of a 5 and 1/4" rise just like that. And then swapping between the 2" ball and the 2 and 5/16" ball is as simple as just flipping the whole thing. I will say on the back here we've got a thick rubber stopper and it's gonna actually act like an anti rattle device. I'll get this set up in the channel so we can kind of see that at work.

That's something that really sets this one apart from other options on the market because a lot of people don't think about with these adjustable ball mounts with how many points of movement there are and just different pieces. There's a lot of rattling, a lot of noise and this is gonna help isolate some of that. So it's not gonna completely eliminate it and we will still have some in the hitch, but right here, back and forth it's really, I mean it's doing really well because we've got this thick pad of rubber between the back of the ball mount and the channel here, kind of patting that and cushioning that and keeping things a lot more still and quiet in here. It does come with its own hitch pin and clip which is really nice to see. You can pick up a locking set from Curt as well if you wanna lock the ball and the mount to the hitch. And it does have two hitch pin holes to choose from on the side here. We've got ours in the outside one here because we need the extra clearance. It just doesn't fit all the way into our hitch here with the second one so you can kind of set the distance you want it to stick out from your vehicle with this. I'll give you some measurements with it in the hitch here though. From the center of that outermost hitch pin hole to the outside edge of the ball mount here it is gonna stick out 12 and a half inches. And then these holes are spaced out an inch. So if you we're to use this more inner one you would be sticking out 11 and a half inches instead. Now if you're looking at this ball mountain thinking it doesn't quite have all the features you want, or you're maybe looking for something just a little bit different, you do have options. Bulletproof Hitches has a really comparable option that's gonna be pretty much the same thing similar adjustment, similar weight capacity. The big difference there is going to be the fact that Bulletproof Hitches has a wide variety of accessories that can work with their channel system. Curt has a few as well but there's a wider variety with Bulletproof hitches. Your other option is gonna be B&W The Tow & Stow. There is one that is very similar again to this one. The big deal with that one is that balls there can flip backwards and it doesn't stick out as much from your hitch if you wanna leave it in there between towing. So as I'm walking around my truck or my vehicle it's less of a hazard for hitting your shins if you're coming to the back to the tailgate or something to get something that you need. It's just really based on what you're looking for with your ball mount and what kind of features you want to get with it. Personally, I like this one because of that built in anti rattle and you can always add a collar anti rattle around the hitch. We offer one here at etrailer that will reduce the shake and play right here and just make the whole experience a lot quieter and more secure. And that'll complete our look at this adjustable ball mount from Curt. Thanks for watching..

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